The Prayers of Black Women: You’re In Our Prayer’s Nina

Photo credit:  USA Today
Photo credit: USA Today

Lord it is easy to judge and or forget others when sitting in a seat of safety.  It appears that it is also easy to blame others when failure and fear has joined hands and threaten life and lifestyles.

Life as we know it in America has now been threatened with the deadly virus of Ebola.  I must admit I joined others at the sea of fear and feasted at the banquet of animosity.

I was angry that an African lied on their questionnaire to leave an infected Ebola country.  I was angry that my government officials allowed this African to stay on American soil.  I was so angry that my thoughts began to sound like the madness that surrounded Thomas Duncan’s life.  Chaotic!

But as madness had set in the hearts and minds of most Americans the heart of God was in the Big D.  This time Lord your heart was in a pint size woman name Nina Pham.  She cared for Thomas Duncan despite the risk his medical condition brought to her safety.  She practiced what she morally believed.  She allowed her faith to put her life in your hands.  And because of her faith she cared for a man who many found detestable.  Please place her in the care of angels of mercy, and allow her medical team to discovery news ways to cure her and others that will be infected with Ebola.


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