Paying It Forwards: Gratefulness for Employement

The Dalai LamaThe video that I’m sharing today pricked my memory.  It brought to the forefront the importance of parents planning for their children’s future for in their untimely death.

I was angered at the sight of seeing children being abused.  Viewing the video made me feel helpless as a woman and certainly as a mom!   Without thought I wanted to find the man in the video and beat him with his stick!  It was clear to see the man was an ungrateful person.  The punishment he was handing out to parentless children for whatever reason was abuse.  And I wanted him to feel the sting of abuse he deserved.  I wanted him to feel a hard bald fist hit from an angry and very pissed off mother.  I wanted to be those kids protector.  I wanted to give them the loving shelter of a mother’s care.  I wanted to forget that I was a woman and whip his [implicative deleted]!  I’m still upset!  And like I said his actions pricked my memory.  Well any way . . .

When I was a young single mother I was sold a life insurance policy I could not afford.  What prompt me to buy life insurance was the untimely death of my younger, and only, brother.

Later people looking to profit and move up within a pyramid financial company tried to get me to stop the policy.  But I was bent on keeping it because I wanted to leave my son’s a little something should I die.  And I thank God for common sense!  Because, honestly, their sales-pitch came across as fishy as they tried to sell me a policy I did not need nor want.

They weren’t concern with what would happen to my children in the case of my death.  All they wanted was a sale like the first insurance salesperson.  And what I needed during this particular moment, as a single mom with three young children, was someone who knew the insurance business and knew about life.  Other words, I needed someone to help me make final financial arrangements for my young dependents.

I called my auto insurance agent and told her my dilemma.  She arranged a meeting with me to discuss affordable life insurance.

The meeting went well.  She sold me a policy that would fit my strained income.  But before she sold me the policy she asked me the below questions:

  1. How much is your mortgage?
  2. How many children do you have?
  3. How big is your house?
  4. How old are your children?

Then she went on to express the importance of having life insurance.  She could not guarantee that my children would not be mistreated.  But I clearly remember her saying that if they weren’t a financial burden to others they would probably be treated okay.  She included my mortgage in the policy in case the caretaker needed a place to stay.  She said the other half should be placed into a trust fund for the boys college expenses.  And she pointed out my Social Security could pay for their living expenses while they were under the age of 18.

Like I stated earlier, I found the video very disturbing.  It was clear to see the horrid man was not thankful for having employment.  His lack in kindness prevented him from being grateful; therefore, it was easy for him to cross the threshold of abuse.  Because had the man been grateful for employment he would have found a kinder and constructive way to punish the children.

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