Prayers of Black Women: More Than We Can Bear

ImageLord, please help!

The American nation is torn over the outcome of the Zimmerman and Martin case.  Some people are upset because they feel justice has not prevail; other’s, Lord, are upset because they feel blacks are trying to turn the killing of an African-American teen into a public uncivil racial state of affairs.  

Lord, I’m not sure what went wrong on that dreary rainy night Trayvon took his last breath.  Nor can I comprehend the logic behind the verdict after hearing not all but key parts of how the confrontation began.  

But as a black woman that has endured racial prejudices I do know this . . . You will never give anyone, from any race, more than they can bear.  

Therefore, Lord, I am asking you to make this storm over a loss of life and the preservation of life between those that are directly, indirectly and those that are not involved with this killing at peace.  Because today Lord somewhere in America there are parents that are crying with grief concerning the senseless death of their son, as another set of parents Lord somewhere in America is rejoicing their son was found not-guilty.  As a nation of people search for, or demand, answers for a not-guilty verdict five women made for reason unknown to the public.  Lord, I truly ask that you comfort all.    

And though Zimmerman has been found not-guilty his life and the lives of his family will never be the same.  

For you and Zimmerman hold the truth as to what took place on a night he should have refrained from exiting his home with a gun.  

Sadly, Lord, no one understands soon Zimmerman will learn he is free in body but he will never be free in mind, spirit and soul.  He will live with the fact that he took a life.  A life he did not give, a life that was not his to take, a life that never had the chance to live to see manhood because the owner of that life was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the silence of his mind Zimmerman will always remember he alone was responsible for taking that life.    

Lord, I pray that you reveal the truth about what happened that night.  Because I believe someone heard or saw the horrific acts that took place.  I believe Lord this person is scared to come forth.  So I’m praying that you will give them a spirit of conviction that will fill their consciousness with relentless reminders they can set the record(s) straight for a teen that lost his voice in death.  I’m praying Lord that you will give them your spirit of courage to come forth and tell what truly happened on the night a young man was gun-down for youthfully walking in the rain.  I’m praying Lord that once this person comes forth that you will make American people accept the truthful words of not only an ear witness but an eyewitness of the account that left one person dead and another fighting to remain free.  And in accepting truths as they are being told may the American people allow your justice to take place.  

I’m not praying this prayer for your justice to prevail because some perceive the case as a white on black crime, or as others may see it as a black on white crime; but because the fragile American nation is torn behind the verdict rendered.  

With that said, Lord, It is amazing how people have lost faith in this matter.  Lord they have forgotten that you are God.  You sit high and you look low.  Only the foolish believe that Zimmerman has gotten away with selfishly taking a life.  But I believe true justice will be served if a crime has been committed despite any law including the “stand your grounds” law.  Lord, I profess and believe that your laws override man’s law.  I also believe when we commit a sin we either pay now or we pay during judgment day in the hereafter. Thus, Zimmerman punishment may not happen today, it might not happen tomorrow, it probably won’t happen within a year, but, I know for sure you will expose the truth in your time and justice will be served and in-turn redeem the name of the slain if a crime has been committed.  

So once again, Lord, I’m asking that you give the person that saw this incident a spirit of conviction.  Let them not rest until their soul is satisfied that they have done what is humanly right concerning Zimmerman and Martin’s altercation as they allow the laws of God “thou shalt not kill” and “a life for a life” to judiciously prevail.  

Your Loving Daughter,




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