Mother’s Day Prayer for The Barren Woman

By:  Henry Lee Battle

As I reflect on heart-felt thoughts in celebration about motherhood, this is a painful memory of a barren woman I understood.

There’s no prescription that can help her out.
There’s no one who can hear her inward painful shouts.
She suffers alone the shameful thoughts of being barren
And feel there is no one who really is truly caring.

She can never see rays from morning sunshine’s.
In the deepest of her barren womb despair
Her companions love can never compare
To a little one that is not there.

So as she looks upon baby bumps you see
All she understands is there no child within me.
She feels she’s to blame for being barren you see,
As she continues to recite there is no child within me.

She questions the universe as to what she has done
To deserve the unbearable fate of having no little one.
Her womb will not give birth to little Samantha or Nate
She feels she will never hear the patter of little feet herself proclaim fate.

As a mother and a woman with total compassion
I would like to express to the woman with a barren womb
Please don’t bury yourself in an unnamed tomb.
For I feel you are more special than I
Because the creator walks by your mournful side.

So in celebration of motherhood everywhere
Let us take time to remember the barren woman in despair.
For the burden of being barren make her special you see,
Because she has taught us to cherish the children given unto thee.

© Artis Harrison

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Prayer for The Barren Woman

  1. Mothersday is the one day i cant cope with being a divorced lady parents and no kids .I always try to keep myself out of sight as its better then the pain of not having anyone to say Happy Mothersday Mommy ..Will yhis pain ever go away..

    1. Dear Ruth, I’m sorry for the delayed response. Sadly, WordPress was having problems with free subscriptions and therefore I could not log onto my blog until tonight.

      But! I’m here now!

      I’m sorry you’ve experienced so many disappointments when it comes to family and building a family of your own.

      So often life seems so unfair, especially when we compare our lives to others that appear to be doing better. But remember there is nothing in life that you can’t overcome. And! Everything that appear perfect might not be so wonderful.

      You can be a mom. You can have a meaningful relationship with a significant other, once again. I’m not sure what happened to your parents, but, you can build relationships with people that can be just as special.

      Hang in there by knowing you are special and one day you’ll have more than you expected or can even imagine.

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