Father Pours Gasoline on His Children’s Mom

Savannah Bailey
Photo from fox6now.com

My lord!  What the hell is wrong with people in this day and time!  The perpetrator in this crime wanted his victim to suffer.  His actions make it clear to see that he wanted her to experience pain beyond his own.  The problem with his thinking [and other’s having the same mindset] is no one wins.  There’s no victory for anyone in crime.

The laws of the Universe, laws of attraction, laws of the land and the laws of God always become front and center in all we do.  Yet, humankind seem to always try to make right wrongs with unthinkable acts of retributions.

The father leaving his two small children outside as he poured gas on their mom and set her on fire wasn’t an act of love towards them; because love doesn’t make you intentionally hurt the people you care about.  This father sounds like a total nut job!

He deserves everything the legal system will hand down to him.  I don’t care if a White person has done worse and have gotten a lighter sentence.  Whatever he gets will be just deserved.  Why?  Because you don’t pour gas on people and set them on fire!  Period.

I pray for Savannah’s Bailey’s recovery.  I pray for her small children.  I even pray for the foolish young man.  I pray for both families as this crime has touched all of their lives.

A GO FUND ME has been created to help Savannah and her children.


Disney star Nikita Pearl Waligwa Dies at Aged 15

Nikita Pearl WaligwaThis is such a sad day for the world.  Nikita lost her battle with brain cancer.

In 2016 Nikita was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Sadly, Ugandan doctors weren’t equipped to treat her cancer.  As a result, the director of Queen of Katwe, Mira Nair, raised funding for her treatment in India. 

After she was given a clean bill of health in 2017 another tumor was found last year.  And, she died today in the hospital.  She was only 15 years old.

Sometimes life seems so unfair.

I truly enjoyed watching Nikita play the role of Gloria in the Queen of Katwe.  She was brilliant at her craft.  She knew how to pull the audience into her character.  For me, she transported me to the slums of Africa and caused my emotions to be jostled back and forth with highs and lows of life.

At the being of the movie Nikita caused me to call her a mean little girl and at the end of the film she had stolen my heart as she supported her teammates.

May this wonderful young actress rest in peace.

Barbara Alston (1943-2018)

1962: (L-R) Patricia Wright, Dolores “La La” Brooks, Barbara Alston and Dee Dee Kinniebrew of the girl group “The Crystals” on Phillies Records poses for a portrait in 1962. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Who is Barbara Alston? Well, she’s a founding member of a 1960’s girl group called “The Crystals.” She and her high school friends Mary Thomas, Dolores Kenniebrew (aka Dee Dee), Myrna Giraud and Patsy Wright are remembered for their hits, “There’s No Other Like My Baby” and “Uptown.”

You can leave her virtual flowers on Find A Grave.

Chelsea Brown (1942 – 2017)

Chelsea BrownLois Brown was publicly known by her stage name Chelsea Brown.  She was born December 6, 1947.  Films “Sweet Charity” and “Head” catapulted her career within the entertainment industry.  She was a cast member on “Laugh-In” for a year.  She starred in at least one episode on “The Flying Nun,” “Love American Style,” “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, “Mission: Impossible,” and “Ironside.”  And, she also starred in a TV movie “The Thing With Two Heads” with Rosie Grier.  She was 74 when she died from complications of dementia.

You can leave her virtual flowers on Find A Grave.

We Can Make a Difference

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and Government officials but the voters of this country. FDR

Today, I noticed a new post [old post] from a friend and Facebook thinker. Everyday God sends she writes several controversial post. And everyday I say to myself “God! I wish I had that skill.” Well any-who-how, each post has something to do with humanity. Her topics stir the soul in such a way that her array of friends from all walks of life show compassion about this and that. And sitting on the sideline reading comments allows viewers to see others perspective concerning what matters to them and the circle they travel within. With that said, on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, she posted the below screen shot.

I 100% percent agree with the author of Latinos for Liberty. The author wrote everything I feel. I, too, haven’t watched one impeachment hearing.

I don’t care if Trump stays or goes. He’s no different than those that have come before him. All I can hope for is that he does something to help Black communities in ways that will send at least one message. We matter.

Thus far only one president and it really wasn’t the president, it was his wife that showed Black people they mattered. Now before I go on I’m not saying there weren’t others I just haven’t heard about them. However, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first woman of stature to be very vocal about racism and the impact it had on Black communities. She and her mother-in-law took an active role in ensuring Black people were treated equal. And! Her firm stand on equal rights for everyone made her a woman of great strength and a woman to be admired.

And, like Latinos, we Black folks need to get involved with local and state government. We need to learn the foundations of government entities. As we learn how to get those entities to work for us! We need to stop thinking and feeling we’re owed as individuals and as a race group. What happened to our ancestors was horrible but they survived and we’re living. We need to finish running their race because it’s our race that’s finishing last.