Vocabulary Mondays

First, I will like to express my thoughts about Black people having limited vocabularies does not apply to all people of color.  There are many educated Black people who have extensive vocabularies.

I have several degrees.  I enjoyed attaining them; however, my then limited vocabulary sometimes hindered by ability to understand daily lectures and comprehend reading materials.  As a result I spent most of my time being academically frustrated.  Though my vocabulary was limited I spoke well enough to express my thoughts or give my opinion on subject-matters.  The funny thing was I could convey with zest my viewpoints on many subjects.  But when it came to expressing my thoughts on paper I was lost.  And for those of you that have attended college you know exactly where I am going with this!

My professors showed my poor writing skills no mercy.

I was sick and tired of having my papers returned to me obliterated with red ink and with a short note requesting I rewrite the paper.

Each professor wrote I needed to learn syntax.  Because I did not know what the word syntax meant I failed to study the rules for sentence structure.  Consequently I received low marks and barely passed many of my classes because of my restricted vocabulary.

Fast forwarding to the present:  After I kept reading Black women have poor speaking skills, I thought it would be great to help not only myself but others to build their vocabulary; hence, “Vocabulary Mondays.”

Personally, I find Black people do not put enough emphasis on learning.  And most times when importance is attached to education it is for public accolades.  Sadly, our need for social acceptance supersedes our wish to improve our ability to effectively communicate with others.

So I am inviting you to join me on Mondays in building our vocabularies, and in turn we will improve our ability to successfully speak with others.

Best Wishes!


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