Sista Girl Cooks Egg Rolls

WARNING: The home-grown chief in this video cusses like nobody’s business!  But she has some great tips for making an inexpensive meal.  I have indeed fallen in love with her.  She is real and she’s not afraid to show it!

A Beautiful Woman’s Advice on Loving Life

Trey Ratcliff’s “Beijing from Above”

I’ve thought about organizing a group trip to Beijing.  And after viewing this video I’m thinking I should start organizing the trip soon.  Because it will take me a couple of years for to save for my travel expenses.  Any one want to go?


The Prayer’s of Black Women: The Story of Jonah by Mary Margaret

I have been in church for nearly 53 years.   And I have never heard the story of Jonah with so much feeling.  Mary Margaret is full of passion for telling this great story.  Her passion causes her to be very (and I do mean very) animated.  Enjoy this cute little girl telling the story of Jonah.