Taboo Tuesdays: Do You Give To Panhandlers?

For years I have always given to street beggars because I felt blessed.  As a single mom I knew I needed to pay parts of my wages forward as a gift of gratitude.   I was thankful I had a job.  I was grateful I could scrape by and take care of me and my children without the aid of others.  Sure times were hard.  I could have used the money to do an activity with my kids.  However, the image of people standing in the frigged cold of Colorado begging always haunted me.  So, when I found extra (in reality there were no extras) I always shared with no strings attached.

But in this day and time panhandling has been kicked-up-a-notch!

I don’t give to panhandlers like the days of old but I do continue to give.  Normally my financial gifts are given to aid sick children or women fighting breast cancer.  But when I give to a panhandler I give to the person that has the most creative sign.  Because if I’m going to give a very small fraction of my hard-earned taxed dollars to a panhandler I need something in return!  Meaning, the person that gets my money, that it now non-taxed to him/her, they need to work for it in some-type of humane capacity.

And what took me down memory lane of giving to panhandlers is the video below of a man who is upset because he got scammed:

Inspirational Fridays: Rewrite the Rules for Overcoming Failure

Several months ago I discovered I had been extremely sad over missed opportunities.  Sadness had been with me so long that the emotion masked itself as incurable depression.  So, today I’m launching a mini-campaign in finding articles and videos that inspires me.

As I work on transforming how I view life failures I’m inviting you to join me on my journey.  I’m hoping to remove my defeated soul from the seat of fear and stretch my spiritual legs to walk, run or jog to reach my dreams.

Should We Legalize Mercy Killings?

Love What Is It GrayUntil today I have never heard of dignity dying.

As I sat in silence watching the below video of a mother discussing how she put a pillow over her dying son’s face, I wonder about her choice. Upon later reflection, I asked myself could I aid or not aid one of my children in suicide.  Especially, since, at this point I’m not face with such a difficult situation.  And even if I tried to put myself in such an awful place I will always have the same answer.

One would think my strong faith in God and my belief “thou shalt not kill” take precedence over a person’s dying wish such as taking a life.  But I honestly believe I’m wired to respect life.  And God’s instructions just solidifies what I believe naturally.  But, I do, with a humanitarian frame of mind understand why this mother helped her son do the task of suicide.

Please understand, I’m certainly not in a position to say she was wrong.  She was a mother.  She was faced with a dilemma.  And she acted in thoughts of kindness by ending the suffrage of her son [period].