Saturday Funnies: Some People Come With Special Instructions

Memo From Life MGMTToday I was looking for something funny to post.  I stumbled across the website “Not Always Right.”  Some of the stories are okay but then some of them are down-right hilarious.  As I was searching for a funny story to share I had a blast reading the comical moments of others.  The story I’m sharing reminds me of something I would do as a germaphobic.  Happy reading!

Stupidity Is Not To Be Sniffed At

(A customer comes to the till and orders a tea and a coffee. I make it and take it over to them. Two minutes later the customer is back.)

Customer: “Excuse me, you gave us the wrong drinks.”

Me: “Tea and coffee was it?”

Customer: “Yes”

Me: “That’s what I gave you.”

Customer: “But you gave it to us the wrong way round.”

Me: “Sorry, but can’t you swap them?”

Customer: “Well, no. She has already smelt it.”