Vocabulary Mondays – trust

cybersexNow . . . I realize everyone online is not searching for cyber sex; but the dialog between the two cartoon characters renders the actions of a percentage of lonely people, a percentage of people who are predators, and a percentage of people who enjoy tormenting others to feel better about their life failures.  And out of the three those that are lonely will push aside everything instinctively that keeps a person safe for the sake of having companionship.  Thus ignoring the red flags, as they give unearned trust to people who could do harm to them and those they love.

Therefore, since a few people have forgotten the meaning for “trust” I have selected it for today’s Vocabulary Mondays word.  In hope this blog post find its way to those that need reminders to stay safe when playing online with others.  Because in all honesty no one knows who or what they are truly conversing with on the internet .  And sadly so many people are forgetting the internet is the number one tool for predators to find their victims.  Remember:

“Trust is earned not given”

Word:  trust

Part of Speech:  noun belief in something as true, trustworthynoun responsibility, custodynoun large company, verb believe, place confidence in,  verb give to for safekeeping



  1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.


Vocabulary Mondays – thug

Photo taken from:  http://www.columbia.edu
Photo taken from: http://www.columbia.edu

It seems the negative word thug is always used to misrepresent the entire African American, Negro, or black communities. Honestly, people who distort racial integrity by misguiding readers, viewers, and listeners are worse than those they are writing or talking about.  Such viewpoints are transparent as they are criminal acts of spreading hate.

As a humanitarian I find hate served on any platform detestable and a waste of time.  So, therefore, today my vocabulary word is “thug” because I object to the ignorance of those that use it improperly.  And it is such ignorance that keeps hate alive.  And in keeping hate alive it becomes an avenue for exploitation by discriminatory acts when negative words are used to describe others by race, age, disability, ethnic, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and etc. Despite the worlds gratifying social exposure of discovering people are people, a pocket of people continue hate cycles for the sake of personal gain.

Word:  thug

Part of Speech:  noun


  1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
  2. (sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

Origin and History:

Last night I watched a History Channel special on the movie series Indiana Jones. The purpose of the show was to separate fact from fiction as it relates to the movie. While watching the show I was introduced to origin of the word “Thug”. When you think of a thug what image comes to mind? Is it a Black or Brown man? Is he iced out with diamonds and wearing baggy pants? Most people think of a thug as living in a poverty stricken urban area ( Ghetto) in the United states. The origin of the word “Thug” couldn’t be farther from its present meaning. The word Thug originates from an 800 year old cult called Thuggee in India. Thuggee were known for befriending travelers and killing them with the ultimate intention of robbing them. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this cult is responsible for the death of 2 million unsuspecting travelers.

So the question arises, ” How did we get from Thuggee to thug?” The Indian Cult and its practices were popularized and introduced to main stream Western Culture through books such as Confessions of a Thug by Philip Meadows Taylor (1839). Thuggee was also popularized by British Culture as Great Britain Ruled India from 1858 to 1947. In a way it bothers me that such a negative word like thug is largely associated with Blacks when it should be associated with Indians. How is it that we get the bad rap when they’ve been “thuggin” for 800 years! If we’re going to play the name game then we need to call prostitutes Geisha Girls! If there are any words that you can think of that are unfairly associated with your or someone else’s culture, please feel free to comment.
Ya Basta,

Should Women Date Men Behind Bars?

I swear I have the most interesting Facebook feed!  Laughter!  Today a page I follow posted the below question:

A second opinion: A female fans question..

Hi, I started communicating with someone that was locked up. From the time I started talking to this guy I notice that he has done a 360 (and i know this for a fact). First he was gang banging, always fighting and was mad at the world. Since I told him if he didn’t leave it alone, I was going to leave him. Since then I notice he is more into the bible. He left the gang, he have gotten his hs diploma while locked up, and became humble. When I get down, he builds me back up. And deep down in me, I feel like he is my soul-mate. I know our relationship isn’t base of of money or anything because I don’t send him any. Lol
I know I always hear about jail talk and etc.. and I never been a naive person. But I just want to be sure if it’s right and I’m making the right decision??

(This is for entertainment purposes & also to allow you to offer up your opinion on a real persons situation, please be respectful)

My response:

Photo taken from "The Examiner"
Photo taken from “The Examiner”

Okay the first sentence begs for the following question:  Why is this woman dating a man behind bars?

Since I can’t get a response I can only presume the woman has low self-esteem based upon social stereotypes, she can’t get a date within the circle she travels, she has poor hygiene, she does not groom herself, she either knew the guy before he went to jail or someone she knows introduced her to the guy, or maybe there are no single men in her area.  But, again, I pose the question ‘why is this woman dating a man behind bars?’  With that said I’m moving right along . . .

It is standard pattern and practice for people who are incarcerated to change their behavior and involve religion.  So the proof will be in the pudding once he is released.  And the question here is:  Is she willing to take a chance on a person that has the ability to be “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?”

Once a gang member always a gang member.  At least that is how the hardcore gang members roll.  So him leaving his gang association is questionable, unless the dude is a wanna be.

Anyone with nowhere to go and have nothing but time can be very inspirational.  They’re locked up!  Hello!  Again, the proof will be in the pudding once he is released from jail.

Soul mate’s!  Everybody has bazillions of soul mates.  Laughter!  She just found a guy she clicked with because he needs her.  He is locked up!  He needs an outlet that connects him to the outside world.  Remember he is where he is because of poor judgement, and unless Jesus came down and did a total spiritual transformation I can bet you “dollars to doughnuts” this man has not changed.

And one more thing, he can’t love her because he doesn’t know how to love himself.