Kroger/King Soopers Mega Sale – Tide Simply Clean Detergent Deal

Tide-Simple-Clean-Fresh-DetergentThis item is a great bargain at Kroger/Kings!  During this sale event Tide Simply Clean line laundry detergent can be purchased for the tune of .99 cents or $1.49!

You will need to buy anything within Kroger/Kings 5 for 5 sale to buy this item for a lower cost.

This item normally sale for $4.99; however, this sale event it is for $1.99 per bottle.  But!  What makes the deal even sweeter is the Tide .50 cent off coupon!  As stated earlier this Tide line laundry detergent can be purchased for .99 cents or $1.49!  Can you say “Cha-Ching!”

According to the floor clerk this Tide brand isn’t as harsh as the one in the orange bottle.  So I’m buying as many as I can!