The Prayer’s of Black Women

October 6

But the people were thirsty for water there, and they grumbled against Moses. They said, “Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to make us and our children and livestock die of thirst?”

Exodus 17:3 NIV
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Yesterday, I prayed for my friend Sandy’s thirst for God’s compassion concerning her mom’s quality of life. Unlike my friend, for me, I’ve noticed it’s easy for people to pray and or expect something so drastic as death when it’s not their life ending. As to why my friend’s words of concern about her mom’s fate really bothered me.

Looking back at things, for my mom, despite her health challenges or the doctors feeling she should die by suicidial assistance because she was sickly and old, my mom wanted to live. She believed God should make the decision as to when she would die. It was my mom’s life, her desire and her faith. And as her Power of Attorney (POA), I honored all three! Especially since, I’ve learned life is a gift that so many people fail to enjoy and my mom loved her life no matter how bad things became. Let’s pray!


Father, God, thank you for this life I live and deeply love. It’s truly a blessing. Let me always celebrate this gift that so many people take for granted and or don’t appreciate. Let me come to you everyday and especially on my day of entry into the world with thanksgiving. I pray for the souls that can’t see how wonderful life is, yet, they have a thirst to live. I ask that you open their spiritual eyes to the blessings of life and show them how to obtain joy. For it is joy that will help them to celebrate them and the life they were given. I also pray for people that mentally, emotionally and physically imprison others, thus, taking their victims God-given right to enjoy and celebrate life freely. Lord, I once heard prayer can go where 747’s can’t land. So, please hear my request and move expeditiously in freeing bound souls. Amen

What! Who Doesn’t Want to Go to Disney World?

This video is priceless (totally not what I expected)!  Laughter!  What person doesn’t want to go to Disney World?!!!  They must be insane or something [laughing hysterically].  But after seeing this video your heart will break.  It will have total compassion for the little person that doesn’t feel the same as most of the world when it comes to visiting the most famous place of all.  Disney World!


What! You Want The Public to Pay for Your Wedding?

Photo taken by:  Annette Harrison
Photo taken by: Annette Harrison

Are you crazy!  Can you help me pay for my son’s college tuition?

Today 7 News of Denver posted an article asking people if they would turn to crowdfunding to help pay for their wedding.  I was appalled to read that people have stooped to such level of greed.  So I commented with the following:

Never have I ever gotten upset with a post from your station until today! LOL’s. People can do what they want and ask for what they want but it doesn’t mean I have to support it. And if people are living outside of their means and others want to be foolish enough to support it then each party have my blessings. But this post upsets me for many reasons and many of those reasons have been stated.

Why would I pay a $ towards a person’s wedding or honeymoon. It’s their wedding it’s their honeymoon. And its rude to ask people you don’t know for anything let alone something so extravagant as a wedding or honeymoon.

The wonderful thing about gift giving is that it is an expression of love. Love has no boundaries, yet, this act places boundaries on love and gift giving; and removes boundaries from money and logic. It’s another act that removes self-respect from people’s characters. It truly shows how young people these days are being raised with no self-respect. No wonder we have all these senseless killings.

People need to sort through their priorities!

Because there is no commitment in any of this! No commitment on the parent’s part to pay for their daughter’s wedding. No commitment on the groom’s part to pay for the honeymoon. HONEYMOON! Get it! He’s the one that is having the intimacy pleasure in enjoying her “honey” not the public! And if he can’t afford to pay for her ‘honey’ in an overused bed then he should not be taking her hand in marriage!

Listen up needy couples!

Listen up young man!  If a woman and her family can’t afford to pay for her a lavish wedding don’t allow them to drag you down with them by asking the public for pleasure money.  Take a stand and tell them you want a small wedding you can afford.  Don’t you realize they are taking your manhood away when they go begging the public for money?  Or, are you a man?!!

Listen up young woman!  If a man can’t afford to take you on a honeymoon of your choice then you need to become acquainted to living within his means at the beginning of your and his life’s journey as man and wife.  Because if you don’t, I see some dark and rocky days ahead for the both of you!  And divorce is right around the corner!  Learn how to build your man’s manhood and a future with lasting memories.  Instead of building a wedding that will end on a sour note as each of you are feeling to damn with the memories that other people paid for.

Nothing in life worth having comes easy!  So stop trying to live like the Joneses.