Aren’t You Tired of Having People Walking All Over You?

2-16-20 OneI wrote this post in 2014!  Sadly, it never made it to the light of day.  I wonder why I never publish it? Oh, well, the Universe unearth it when it was needed.  Let me be thankful for that!

I For days I have been searching for my book titled “Boundaries.”  With it being misplaced I felt like I had lost a dear and devoted friend.  My life seemed as if it was getting off course and I needed sound advice that I could trust.  I needed reassurance that it was okay to live life with boundaries despite what others thought of me.

So, today, as I began cleaning off my desk guess what I found?  My book!  Yeah!  I found my book!  And now that I have found one of my spiritual lifelines I want to share a snippet of its content:

Boundary Development

Remember the old saying, “insanity is genetic.  You inherit it from your kids”?  Well, boundaries aren’t inherited.  They are built.  To be the truth-telling, responsible, free, and loving people God wants us to be we need to learn limits from childhood on.  Boundary development is an ongoing process, yet its most crucial stages are in our very early years, where our character is formed.

I was never taught to have boundaries.  As a matter of fact, I was taught it was wrong to have them.  Therefore, I became a doormat for everybody to step on.  And more times than not, they cleaned their nasty dirty feet on my soul.  Their cold and calculated actions showed each refused to acknowledge I was part of the human race.  And, sadly, I must write I believed them!  And when I put boundaries in place to keep people, messy people, on their side of life, I was told I was mean.  The comment would cut me to the bone and blind me from seeing I was being manipulated.

Healthy and strong boundaries are set when you know your truth.

Quote for Today: When Manipulation Stops

Photo Credit:  Everett Collection
Photo Credit: Everett Collection


Love comes when manipulation stops; when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you.  When you dare to reveal yourself fully.  When you dare to be vulnerable.
~Dr. Joyce Brothers