Kroger/King Soopers Mega Sale – Glad Deal

Glad Storage ContainersThis item is a great bargain at Kroger/Kings!  During this sale event Glad food containers can be purchased for the tune of .50 cents!

You will need to buy anything within Kroger/Kings 5 for 5 sale to purchase this item for a lower cost.

This item normally sale for $4.99.  However, this sale event it is for $1.50 per package.  But!  What makes the deal even sweeter is the Glad $1 off coupon!  As stated earlier this package of containers can be purchased for .50 cents!  Can you say “Cha-Ching!”

They come in multiple sizes!  You can select containers that have children cartoon characters!  They have different embellishment designs!  They are truly a great buy!