Caregivers: Do Something Special for Yourself

Yesterday morning I lost my second cell phone, again. As I searched my home that’s filled with stuff, my mind quickly raced back to the following night flight or fight emotion stemming from caring for my mom. But! My mind was fast to remind my soul that my mom died Friday, May 29, 2020.

Life’s funny. I can’t remember birthdays, sometimes I forget names and I always forget my wedding anniversary. Yet, I remember the day, time and date my mom died.

She meant the world to me despite our sometimes mother/daughter contentious relationship.

Somewhere along the way I’d learn to appreciate the gift she and she alone could give me, my life.

If my mom got nothing else right in her journey she was spot on when creating me and for that reason I was and am extremely grateful to her.

Sadly as she struggled to live I placed my life on hold to aid her in living. And when bitter days of resentment whispered in my ear I turned my attention to being grateful. Mainly, because I was grateful and I knew a day would come when she would transition from life to death.

Well, any-who-how, as I franticly searched the house for my phone, I realized no matter what people face they should always do something over the top for themselves every now and again.