It Takes All Kinds Of People to Make This A Beautiful World

diversityMost of you know that I enjoy couponing. I really enjoy giving to others. But for the past year what I have learned about me is that I HATE hypocrites!
I get all kinds of thoughts coming across my Facebook feed. Most of it is well wishing something personal, some of it deals with cruelty to animals, but the bulk of it deals with racism in America. Let me return to the subject of me couponing.
When I started my money-saving journey I never knew the doors of understanding that would open because of a paradigm change. In the last year I’ve lost friends for various reasons and most of those friends claim to be extremely religious or extremely knowledgeable about sex, race, religion, politics, and all other things that goes along with living life. And as I began to coupon I found myself in a spiritual place I didn’t even know exist and was able to read the hearts of those that claimed to love me.
I found myself caring less of what the world thinks of me as a black person. I found myself caring less of how people viewed my beloved car that is missing a quarter of its front bumper, a broken pulled down latched that was done by a Walmart worker. I found that my opinion mattered despite the rejections of others. I found I could validate another person’s opinion even though I didn’t agree with their belief.  I found myself feeling more put off by folks forcing themselves in my life in one form or another. I found myself being inspired by the single good-looking younger than me caring about morals successful business owner man down the street. I found myself reflecting upon my marital vows and how I treat the guy that goes to work everyday and misses sleep because he must get his load to the buyer on time.  I began to really put thought to how he gives me his paycheck each week (should he make a check) and questioned if I could do the same. I found myself wondering how I was going to pay back all the student loans my youngest took out in his name to attend college. And for you folks that feel my youngest should pay his student loans, close your pie holes! Please!

As my son’s parent it’s my job to see that he gets the best start in life. And! Since I made such a mess of my life by making poor decisions when I was young and netted nothing financially to aid my children when it came to helping them enter into the world as successful adults, then my son’s student loan repayments became mines because his entry into adulthood debt free is my job as his parent.

But the thing I’ve learned from couponing is that it takes all kinds of people to make this a beautiful world. 

Kroger/King Soopers Mega Sale – Tide Simply Clean Detergent Deal

Tide-Simple-Clean-Fresh-DetergentThis item is a great bargain at Kroger/Kings!  During this sale event Tide Simply Clean line laundry detergent can be purchased for the tune of .99 cents or $1.49!

You will need to buy anything within Kroger/Kings 5 for 5 sale to buy this item for a lower cost.

This item normally sale for $4.99; however, this sale event it is for $1.99 per bottle.  But!  What makes the deal even sweeter is the Tide .50 cent off coupon!  As stated earlier this Tide line laundry detergent can be purchased for .99 cents or $1.49!  Can you say “Cha-Ching!”

According to the floor clerk this Tide brand isn’t as harsh as the one in the orange bottle.  So I’m buying as many as I can!


Kroger/King Soopers Mega Sale – Glad Deal

Glad Storage ContainersThis item is a great bargain at Kroger/Kings!  During this sale event Glad food containers can be purchased for the tune of .50 cents!

You will need to buy anything within Kroger/Kings 5 for 5 sale to purchase this item for a lower cost.

This item normally sale for $4.99.  However, this sale event it is for $1.50 per package.  But!  What makes the deal even sweeter is the Glad $1 off coupon!  As stated earlier this package of containers can be purchased for .50 cents!  Can you say “Cha-Ching!”

They come in multiple sizes!  You can select containers that have children cartoon characters!  They have different embellishment designs!  They are truly a great buy!


Kroger/King Soopers Mega Sale – Shout Deal

Shout Stain RemoverThis item is a great bargain at Kings!  During this sale event Shout can be purchased for the tune of .50, .25, or FREE!

You will need to buy 2 Shouts at $1.99 and use 2 printable (aka print/printables) $1 coupons.  Afterwards the items will cost .99 cents each at checkout.  King/Kroger’s system will print you a $1 and or a $1.50 Catalina.  The catalina can be used on your next shopping trip.  Remember!  Catalina’s are money!

For the shout coupon please go here:


Wake up! It’s Time to Find Coupons!

Time to Clip CouponsWell I rolled out of bed this morning.  My eyes wanted to stay shut and my body wanted to stay put.  But my mind told each “nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep.”  After all the spiritual commotion I got a chance to look at today’s coupons.  I have the paper delivered to my home every Sunday and Wednesday.  Doing such will give me heads-up on how many papers to buy for the day.  Today’s coupons look promising.  So I will buy 40 papers.  Yes!  40 papers!  A few coupons look like they will either be next to nothing purchases or freebies.  And I love next to nothing purchases and freebies!

Kroger’s Coupon Deals

Well!  I went couponing again!  Yesterday I purchased $637 worth of product for $307.  Not bad!  Especially since this is my second month couponing.  However, I’m doing excellent at catching the deals and getting a few freebies in the process.


Colgate Toothpaste:  sale price .89 + coupon value .50 + coupon bonus .39 = free

Great Deals:



This is the first time I’ve ever seen these Nabisco cookies this cheap.  They are  usually on sale for a $1 but his mega sale Kings has them on sale for .88 cents.  These make great snacks for the summer.

Savings per item:  $2.11







OMG!  I went crazy when I saw I could get this product for .99 cents!  Yes!  You read correctly!  I got Cape Cod potato chips for under a dollar!

Cape Cod: sale price 1.99 + coupon value 1.00 = .99 cents

Savings per item:  $2.80







It has been a decade since I’ve brought and used Hamburger Helper but the price I could not beat!

Hamburger Helper:  sale price 1.49 + coupon value buy 3 for a 1.00 off = $1.16 per box

Savings per item:  $2.13






Well these are just a few items I got but I also got some healthier foods too!

Please remember:  Each Kroger/King Soopers manager has the right to decided how their store will take part in the use of coupons.  I usually do my shopping, not just couponing, at stores that will allow me to use 5 coupons per like items.