Wake up! It’s Time to Find Coupons!

Time to Clip CouponsWell I rolled out of bed this morning.  My eyes wanted to stay shut and my body wanted to stay put.  But my mind told each “nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep.”  After all the spiritual commotion I got a chance to look at today’s coupons.  I have the paper delivered to my home every Sunday and Wednesday.  Doing such will give me heads-up on how many papers to buy for the day.  Today’s coupons look promising.  So I will buy 40 papers.  Yes!  40 papers!  A few coupons look like they will either be next to nothing purchases or freebies.  And I love next to nothing purchases and freebies!

Day Sixteen: Perhaps My Hubby Is Right

This is JeffIt’s 3:11 am.  I’m up searching for ways to acquire more coupons and coupon deals.  My lack of sleep tells me perhaps my husband is right!  I’m a very driven woman; because, I’m determined to figure out how to stretch and save my hard-earned dollar by getting the best coupon deals.  So far I’ve found several ways to acquire more coupons and get a few freebies in the process:

  1. Check the schools recycle bins
  2. Visit gas stations for unsold papers
  3. Scout curbside recycle bins
  4. Charm your newspaper delivery person
  5. Take advantage of apartment life
  6. Play the trade game
  7. Look  for free local papers
  8. Purchase newspapers (Denver’s local newspaper will allow people to have 5 papers delivered on Sunday and Wednesday of each week.)

$$ Savings $$

Dollar Store possible FREEBIES!

  • Maybelline Nail Polish
  • Atkins Entree
  • Pedia Care, 4 oz.
  • Rimmel make-up
  • Alka-Seltzer plus Allergy