His Daughter’s Response to: A Message of Hope to His Daughter

Photo credit:  Annette Harrison
Photo credit: Annette Harrison

Today I got a question asking if my husband’s daughter got the email we sent her nearly a week ago.  Yes, she got the email and with her dad’s permission I’m posting her response.

I am not upset at all. Every statement is the truth. I know that about myself. I put unrealistic expectations on Jake. A friend of mine (who likes to counsel me for free) helped me see through the crap that I believe should be true. She helped me realize that I was spoon fed to be totally  dependant on a man and he should take care of your every need. You shouldn’t  have to work and you should be in tons of debt to reach that ‘American dream.’ The exact line is..’you aren’t  a real member of society unless..’ And for so long I have believed that. I am 22 years old and have a monstrous amount of debt because I was told at a young age that that is how you are successful.  No, it makes you stressed arena sick. There are ways to have those great things, like a house or a new car, without being overcome with a great amount of debt. It is called saving. Something Jake and I were never taught and are trying to teach ourselves now. It is very difficult. Because we were taught you weren’t  anyone unless you have tons of material  items. His  step-dad is very materialistic. His mom isn’t  but his step-dad, just like my mother, make you feel terrible  about your accomplishments if they aren’t  to their standards. I am working on my attitude everyday. Every morning  I wake up and I think of something I am thankful for. I may not like my job but my coworke just gave me all of her Thursdays and my Fridays back. That means 30 hours a week instead of 10. And that means I will also quality  for insurance  through the union. I may hate getting up early but it keeps a roof over my head, it keeps food in my cabinets and so that I am able to buy Layla’s  meds. I am working on not being too hard on Jake. That one is really  hard because he isn’t great at staying on top of important  things. And when he doesn’t  stay on top of it it makes me feel like he has not been truthful with me. So many times in the past he has not been. We are working on it and d everyday is a new day.

I love you!

Should We Legalize Mercy Killings?

Love What Is It GrayUntil today I have never heard of dignity dying.

As I sat in silence watching the below video of a mother discussing how she put a pillow over her dying son’s face, I wonder about her choice. Upon later reflection, I asked myself could I aid or not aid one of my children in suicide.  Especially, since, at this point I’m not face with such a difficult situation.  And even if I tried to put myself in such an awful place I will always have the same answer.

One would think my strong faith in God and my belief “thou shalt not kill” take precedence over a person’s dying wish such as taking a life.  But I honestly believe I’m wired to respect life.  And God’s instructions just solidifies what I believe naturally.  But, I do, with a humanitarian frame of mind understand why this mother helped her son do the task of suicide.

Please understand, I’m certainly not in a position to say she was wrong.  She was a mother.  She was faced with a dilemma.  And she acted in thoughts of kindness by ending the suffrage of her son [period].