God’s Little Nugget: June 6, 2019


Sometimes I feel God doesn’t understand the need to get even!  His inspired word is filled with forgiveness.  Who wants to forgive when getting even appeals to the soul.  As a result, sometimes it is hard to forgive especially when a person knows without a doubt they didn’t do anything to warrant the cruel actions of others.  And the saddest thing of all evil deeds most often open doorways to dark times for everyone involved.


Lord, injustice is never easy to accept unless a person succumb to defeat.  In any or all circumstances evil prods the soul.  I pray for peace in the hearts and minds of victims and their tormentors.  Amen


My Prayer Was Answered: April 7, 2018

Why do you want to lend money to a person that a professional banker thinks is a bad risk?

Just give them the money or be prepared to lose a friend. You might as well lose the friend now and keep your money!

Would they be willing to lend you the same amount under the same conditions? That’s not even a question they can answer if they don’t have the money to lend to begin with.

No sooner than publishing my post “I Need a Life Sustaining Nugget from God” my phone ranged. It was my middle son. He was returning my call from a few days ago.

Seeing his number on caller ID made my day. As I viewed who was calling I deliberated should I tell him about my painful decision.

He lives hundreds of miles away. He’s happy with his relationship choice. He enjoys his job. He views life as it should be lived. One day at a time. He dislikes drama and avoid making comments when I’m in-raged about his older brother. So I wanted to stay clear of upsetting him.

He could tell something was wrong. I told him what happened. He was disappointed it came to the decision I made. He said something like this: “Well, mom, my brother must live his life. The loaning of this money is a lesson to everyone. If my brother doesn’t get the lesson, the lesson will continue to visit him until he gets it.”

Nugget from God

It’s a good thing to help others that are in need. If they abuse the resources God sends or sent their way then their transgression is between him/her and God.


Lord each time I write or speak of the money that my son’s girlfriend refuses to repay I become upset. Today, Lord, I’m asking for God’s peace on a good deed that went bad. I want to move on. Help me find ways to replace what the locust have eaten. Amen

Day 2: No Social Media

Yesterday the struggle was real!  OMG!  I can not believe I was having withdrawals from being on Facebook.  Today is a little better but I still have urges to log into my social media account to see what is currently happening in my friends, family, loved ones and the world.  But!  I’m not going to give into my desire.  Instead, I’m committing to cleaning my kitchen and eradicating my emotions from the baggage of others.

How You Made Them FeelAs God would have it I was faced with choices concerning my torn relationship with my grand daughter.  She sees me as a negative in her life and never a friend or a person that cares deeply for her and her outcome.  My truth telling has hurt her beyond her ability to see logic.  As a result, she tell private things about me in order to gain some type of satisfaction in shaming me before others.  As if shaming me will fix what really ills her soul.  Well any who how . . . . She has drawn her line in the sand and set her boundaries.  They are loud and clear.  I must and will respect them.  With that stated, I don’t think she realize once she made her choices her decisions created choices for me.

I wish her well.  At the moment their can never be a point return.  Sometimes you must cut the cancer out in order for the body to survive.

Day 1: No Facebook

Social media has not only taken the world by storm but it is creating storms in everyday life.  From where I sit as a Facebook junkie, social media has moved from a tool to connect people to a place where people alternate between the roles of being pimps and whores seeking praise from the majority of readers.  As a result, the effort to being popular is producing negative affects that quietly impacts towns, cities, states, countries and sometimes the world.

Not until recently did I learn that Facebook track where their users go and how often they visit those sites.  The news was an eyebrow raising moment and was followed by an “hum.”

That’s when I realize social media’s presence is far more destructive than a category 5 hurricane or a F-5 tornado all because someone wants the metaphorically reach the moon first, and I was playing my part in them getting there.

Like everyone else I enjoyed having platforms to share knowledge and or thoughts.  So, as a result, being heard has become a seductive aspect of social media and a tool for the creators to land on the moon with no regards to the people they exploit.

Loving Yourself QuotesThis is truly day one of no Facebook.  The struggle with dealing with the withdraws is real but I love myself enough to overcome the challenge.  God’s speed to all!

A Healthy Mind Strive for Success

Most people don’t want to see you succeed, because it will remind them that they didn’t

As I reflect upon what took place last night I find myself giggling.  Oh!  I wasn’t laughing when it happened but I am now.  Which means I’ve moved on.  Man, I love when I can bounce back quickly and return to normal after being so upset.

Well this is what happened:

A few weeks ago I began to feel very uncomfortable about how I’v been keeping house.  I found a new hobby a few years back in couponing.  Months after couponing my hauls had taken over my life and temporarily my home.  To control clutter by how much I kept I would donate a large percentage of my items.  It was somewhere in all of my couponing my mom needed me.

Sadly, my oldest sister that stays with my mom struggle with mental health issues.  So life for them can be stressful when my sister is having bad moments.  To add to the stresses in my mom’s home are my sister’s adult children that have become freeloaders.

Well, my niece pays my mom rent.  Not sure how much but I do know it is less than $500 a month.

Can you believe my sister and her child got upset because my mom decided to charge rent?  That’s another story for another day.

Anywho . . . I began to help my mom and my sister by doing double Dutch entrances and exits.  Because my sister suffers from schizophrenia she has concluded I’m an enemy.  Worse, people that are jealous of me for whatever reasons confirm her wacky thoughts.   Their deceit are seeds of evil that will be repaid to them.  So I really try not to worry about their evil ways.  However, I’m in a war with battles happening nearly every day!

I kept couponing because it was the only thing that freed me from the stresses of my mom’s life.  Unbeknown to her and others my life intertwines with hers for more reasons than because she’s my mom.  At one point in my life my mom was my everything.  And to see her in her current state of affairs is heart wrenching.  So, like I wrote, couponing became an avenue for me to escape the madness but I forgot to manage my items; and, now I live in a house that has clutter that keeps me depress.

I no longer have hallways I have pathways.  I feel very overwhelmed.  And to make matters worse are the vultures that circle.  I’m so sick of hearing people ask for things.  I’m so sick of people trying to get new and expensive things for less than I paid.  Honestly, I’m sick of people at the moment.  And if I’m brutally honest, I’m really fed up of me!

Well, anywho, a friend told me about this group on Facebook.  She thought it would be a great place for me to earn cash and unloaded items; therefore, she added me to the group.

The first time I posted something for sale I was immediately told I could not use stock photos and to turn off the selling feature.

I got it!  Stock photos aren’t exactly what you’re selling and could deceive a buyer as to what they were truly getting.

Well, anywho, I began to take my own photos and cleaning the background.  The next thing I knew I got this humiliating response to a post from admin.

I was first shocked at the juvenile way she was handling things [blood still boiling]!  Maybe I haven’t completely moved on [laughter]!  But!  I’ll try and continue writing this post without getting upset.  Below is the dialogue that took place last night:

Admin:  “Anne (last name omitted) we need pictures of the actual items. . . NO MORE STOCK PHOTOS, this is in our rules.  Thank you! -admin”

Me:  “Tara this is not a stock photo.  I’m a professional seller and a photographer.  I know how to clean the background.  So how would you like for me to post my photos?”SBR Hot Sauce 12 FL OZ.jpg

Me:  “Here’s the actual photo before I clean the background.”IMG_0405[1].JPG

Admin:  “Anne ok as long as these are the items that you are actually selling.  We have had people that are complaining because it the past they have had to put the Actual photo when they are using stock photos.  I thought it was kind of odd that you had ‘actual’ amount each time but doing my admin duty.  Thank you for clarifying. ~admin”

Admin:  “perfect thanks.”

Me:  “every photo I’ve posted has been of the item(s) I’m selling and or sold.  As far as people complaining about my photos there’s nothing I can do about their mistrust issues.  Not everyone is out to scam someone of their hard earn dollars.  At least, I’m not.  It would have been nice if you had contacted me privately since you thought yelling at me would be the best way to get your point across about stock photos.  As you know caps signify yelling and I don’t know any man, woman and or child that enjoys being yelled at, especially in public.  And, as a 57 year old woman, I certainly don’t appreciate being treated like a child that hasn’t learn to respect rules.  I read your rules.  I do my best to follow your rules.  My friend also thought my photos were stock and spoke to me about them.  I assured her they were my photos as I’ve done with you.  So please don’t take my response personal, I’m just doing my job as the owner of my life and ensuring no one mistreats me, especially for trying to help other as I help myself. ~Annette”

End of dialogue

I wrote and shared all of the above to write this:  There are people that will be okay with average and complain about those that strive for perfection as they wallow in life miseries.  Don’t let that be you!  Always!  Always!  Strive for outstanding!  You and I deserve the best this life has to offer.