Always Seek Knowledge and Truth

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Good morning!  On April 17, 2013 @ 2:16 pm, I wrote this blog post.  Again, seven years later I’m posting another thought because I’ve learned I’m enough.  Good writer or bad writer, I’m enough and I matter.  

I want to share with you something I heard and learned sitting among Black men in “The Black Man’s Country Club.”

I had taken my son’s in for their haircuts.  I was the only woman in the barbershop.

The men were in a heated discussion.  Then this man spouted the following words:  “If you don’t want Black people to know then put it in a book.”  His words fell on my attentive ears like a star falling from the sky and hitting Earth with a full explosive impact!

My inward response was “What!”

So without showing I was offended I asked the gentleman to expound on his statement.  His response clearly showed he was an educated man.  He had no problems unpacking his statement.

He told me when he was young his dad told him that statement.  He went on to say that Black people fail to read on average.  He felt we fail to teach give our children the gift of reading.

Based upon my experience as a substitute teacher I knew he was correct without facts.  And more so, I was dumbfounded by his statement and response because he openly discussed the issue of illiteracy among Blacks in a public setting.

And!  Get this!  The Black brothers that were able to join in the conversation was added to his statement!  It was then I realized I had lived a sheltered life.

Let’s just say his willingness to discuss a problem that has kept Blacks from advancing was stimulating.  I love good conversation   I don’t mind discussing any subject including politics, race, religion and etc.  I have learned and continue to learn if you don’t know how to have healthy discussions on subjects pertaining to the advancement of humanity then you can’t be an effective mover or shaker; and if you’re not an effective mover or shaker then you really can’t make a difference, and if you can’t make a difference then you are wasting the life God purposely gave you!  Therefore, my sisters I challenge you to take yourselves and a loved one or a kid that has latched onto you to your local library.  Expand your knowledge on many subjects.

I have found most times when people get loud during conversations it is because they feel they are loosing their argument or the ability to sway a person to feel about a subject they are passionate concerning.  And most of all, because Black women have not been taught to defend their arguments; therefore, they are afraid to engage in a heated debates especially when it concerns them.

So in conclusion, women of color let us get the party started for our gender group to advance and show the world “Black Women Have It Going On” by learning new subjects, increasing our vocabulary, learning how to pronounce words correctly, learning how to effectively write,  learning how to argue our points of interest and overcoming fears on what other’s think or say about us as people, a gender group, and part of a race!