You’re Not Raising a Man For Her

close up photo of man kissing woman
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This post might get a few women upset.  But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t piss a few folks off every now and again.

For me, a mother of three sons, the statement that makes my stomach churn as a parent and a woman is:  “I’m raising my son so he will be a good mate for a woman.”

No!  What they’re raising is the perfect man for them!

They didn’t find the perfect man so in their sick minds they are robbing their son’s from rights of passage.  In efforts of being deemed a good woman for tailoring their son’s to be a good man for a woman such as them.

They have no clue that children should be showered with love and understanding; as they learn about themselves and the world around them.

Romance between a man and woman is a sacred moment.  It’s a moment when two adults find common ground for love beyond what they first knew as children.  It’s the moment when love is transformed into emotional fireworks and passion outside of what a mom can give.  So, a man child should never be singled out and be fashioned to meet women’s criteria because his momma and or caregiver could not find a suitable partner.

Trust me when a man meets that special person she will have a few ideas of what’s romantic to her.  And in the end it’s not what momma want it’s what our son’s and their significant partner want.

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