Sometimes You Gotta Thank the Universe . . .

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And in my case I must thank God.  I wrote this post nearly 5 years ago.  Back then I didn’t think I was a good enough writer because someone knew more about writing than I did.  They had publicly embarrassed me.  They told me I didn’t know how to write.  Today!  Who cares if I know how to write as long as I’m writing positive stuff and helping ordinary people learn to do extraordinary things.   And so we’re moving forwards with learning sometimes we have inward discord and the Universe is always there to light a path to harmony.

My once story begins:

Geez!  Last Saturday started off stressful.  It was so stressful that I wanted to crawl back on the couch, bury my head underneath my quilt in hope time flew by!  Do you know what I mean?  Have you ever had one of those moments when it seems life sucks despite your successes?

Well before last Saturday I had made plans to have a work zone full of positive energy.  Mind you there is only one employee.  Me!  And even though I am my only employee I still must have meetings.  And my last meeting consisted of me telling self  to be determine to have a productive work weekend.  So I called a meeting with all the parts of my being earlier that week.  I told them in no uncertain terms that we were going to work efficiently, effectively and in harmony on Saturday and Sunday.  I really tried to make sure that each part of my person understood unity was the key to our personal and professional successes.

Yeah!  Right!  It was obvious that the message didn’t get through:  Because like most jobs with more than one employee I could not bring each party to the table of cooperation.  My soul and my spirit just could not agree on anything!  Therefore, I had discord within the worker.  So for the better part of my unproductive morning I worked in an atmosphere filled with stress until my soul began to pray.

And, yes, prayer does work.  At least it works for me.  Well any-who-how . . .

My soul told God we needed Him to take care of a business matter that was spiraling out of control.  We needed Him to execute a plan that could bring peace within my person.  Because everything about the situation had became uncomfortable.

And adding to my stress was the temporary feeling of being unsuccessful  my spirit felt.  Nothing like having a financial lost hover over your head as your feeling less than.  Do you know what I mean?  So, in my moment of feeling dejected my spirit began to grieve my soul.

Remember:  Misery loves company.  And what makes this old and wise cliche hard to digest is when a person (knowingly or unknowingly) spread discontent within themselves.

It was clear to see my spirit was mad, not angry, but mad over someone else’s successes!  My madden state of mind prohibited my spirit from thinking rationally.  Madness had suckered my spirit into believing we/I was not a blessed woman.  Madness had clouded my spirit’s thoughts and made it ungrateful for the blessings that has been given and continue to be given in abundance.

Well [sigh] any-who-how, God saw the pathetic dilemma between my soul and spirit.  When he heard my souls distressed voice and His love for the total me sent hope without delay.

God orchestrated everyone’s actions (including mine).

I made a phone call.  Sadly the woman that got my call could not help me.  Therefore, she transferred my called to someone that could.  And that is when hope arrived on the scene.  And I can surly understand why person was so good at what he did for a living that he quickly saw his company made an error.  He brought the error to my attention.  He then suggested that I make a claim to retrieve my money.  He gave me a case number and bid me a good weekend.

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