Prayer: Open Our Understanding

Artist: Henry Lee Battle

My 3rd great grandfather was a slaved and freed during his forties.  After being freed he acquired over 600 plus acres of Louisiana land.  That land is still being passed down from generation to generations.  Sadly, as the family grows so does family discord over the land.  It’s not enough to share among the descendants; and, as a result, greed has set in.

My husband and I own land in the southern part of Colorado.  I’ve taken my great grandfather’s outlook on building wealth.  I’ve studied his life and have learned that prosperity is built by hard work and often owning land.

The US government has given many American’s a windfall!  That is really pennies from Heaven.  And, unfortunately, many American’s will piss the money away.  Should my husband and I get stimulus checks the money will be invested.


Heavenly Father, the day is coming to a close.  Thank you for such a grand opportunity.  The seconds, minutes and hours allowed me to research investment avenues.  Father God, open my eyes and my understanding concerning building wealth.  Help me make sound investment decisions with all that you bless me with.  Amen