Protection for Medical Professionals

Artist: Henry Lee Battle

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Isaiah 41:10

Prayer:  Good morning, Lord.  Today I pray you will pour out your guidance and wisdom within each medical professional community.  Show them how to combat COVID-19.  Protect each person as they become your legs, arms and body in an effort to heal your people.  Amen

Lord Help Until You Can Help

Artist: Henry Lee Battle

Heavenly Father, the world is in a pandemic crises.  We have a virus that is killing people in days and or weeks by the hundreds.  It’s called COVID-19.  It’s new to the world but not to you.  You know all and see all.  And, you know where this virus was created and what it was created with.  Lord, help until you can help.  Amen


Ms. Germophobe: Groceries

people near grocer store inside building
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By now my once estranged family have concluded I’m a germophobe.  And, I don’t care what they think about my inherent behavior because most of my friends are germaphobes.  Conversations between my friends and me are usually briefing and debriefing each other on how to keep ourselves safe from this Coronavirus flu.  Like, yesterday, I talked to my friend Yvonne as I stood for nearly and hour wiping down groceries.

I was a fussy Gussy!  I complained about this and about that!  But my biggest complaint was about wiping down everything I purchased.  Normally, I only wiped down things that went into the fridge.  And, now, I gotta wipe down everything I buy.  And, shopping is harder because the shelves are pretty much emptied of American’s favorite foods.  So, I was tired from shopping.  All I wanted to do was lay down.  Truly.

Well, Yvonne,  being my senior, was intrigued I was wiping down my groceries with mild soapy Clorox water.  DO NOT TRY THIS!  I’ve been wiping down my packaged food products for over 4 decades!  So!  I’ve profected the ratio of how much Clorox and dish soap to use along with a technique on wiping packaged food items.  And!  Believe me when I write, I’ve done this for decades.  I’m a germophobe!  And!  Right now I’m wearing the title proudly!

Any-who, I wrote all of the above to write this statement:  I don’t think during this pandemic people realize how easily this virus, like all viruses, spread.  We’re so use to buying foods after it’s been touch/handled by others and bringing it home and putting it away.  Up till now, most people, including me, didn’t really think about such because most food is packaged or canned.  But!  Now!  My germ detective radar is working at full capacity!  So my thoughts have turned to:  “If one person unknowingly has the virus or a person is a carrier then everything they touch could be infected with the virus.”  This is a classic thought for a germophobe!  Really.

Let’s say, Susan, just a random name I selected, has the virus.  She goes to the groceries.  She picks up a can of beets.  Changes her mind and puts the can back on the shelf.  It’s a great chance that canned product now contains the virus.  You pick the can up and place it in your cart with the rest of your product.  There’s a great chance everything that came in contact with that one can is also contaminated.  So to prevent spreading the virus to myself and others, I’ve been wiping down my packaged and canned foods before putting them away.

The labels on my canned items are wrinkled but I can live with that!

DISCLAIMER:  My theory hasn’t been tested by CDC or scientist.  It’s my theory based upon how I see things; therefore, I do not recommend people wiping down their food items with the product I use or any other chemicals.

It’s Okay to Be Scared Of The Coronavirus

If we take the generally accepted definition of bravery as a quality which knows no fear, I have never seen a brave man.  All men are frightened.  The more intelligent they are, the more they are frightened.  George S. Patton

person in blue gloves holding petri dish
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A couple of days ago as I was leaving the post office a woman stopped to hold the door for me.  Now, under normal circumstances I would be the first to thank someone for their kind gesture.  But given our current world situation concerning COVID-19 I said to self “move yo black ass out the way.”

In appearance she was “The Little Engine That Could.”  She wasn’t scared of anything.  Her life wasn’t going to be interrupted by fear.  It was clear from her rude comment concerning me opening doors with a disinfectant wipe she had zero tolerance for others who showed a healthy level of fear.

She was on the phone and as I passed by with my wipe she told the person on the other end I was paranoid.  I got to a safe distance and turned around so my voice would project in her direction and said, “sure am.”  She could call me what she wanted but in this case I have enough sense to know no one is immune to this ravishing virus.

Studies have shown Coronavirus stays in the air for 3 hours, on copper 4 hours, on cardboard 24 hours, on stainless steel for 2 to 3 days and on plastic for 3 days.

So!  After reading how long Coronavirus stay on surfaces and in the air, as a germophobe I suggest wearing face mask when in public.  Always wash your hands for over 20 seconds.  And!  Never eat without washing your hands for 30 seconds or longer.  Put currency and coins in a plastic sandwich bag.  Take precautions when opening boxes.  Find a safe place [out of reach from children or pets] in your home to let them safely sit for 24 hours or longer and open them outside.  Throw the box away immediately.  If possible wipe the content with Clorox or Lysol disinfect product.  Disinfect your door handles inside and outside and wash your hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds.  Clean your kitchen appliances everyday.  Everyday wipe down facets in the bathroom and clean the toilet handle.  Don’t drink out of plastic bottles or cups from public settings.  Take your beverage with you!  Always remember to wash your bottle water and or beverages before placing them in your fridge.

Washing beverages before putting them in my fridge has been a habit of mine for over thirty something years.  My husband use to laugh at my over the top behavior.  Now!  He’s glad that I take extra measures to keep our family safe.  And with that said, remember it’s okay to have healthy fear.  Only a fool will think they’re immune to a health threat.

The Prayer’s of Black Women: Staying On Your Path to Good Health

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. ~3 John 1:2

Artist:  Henry Lee Battle
Artist: Henry Lee Battle

Speak to my heart Lord.  Your words have commanded me to follow a path you have divinely paved only for me.  Help me Lord to stay on my path when the storms of life are raging, when I can’t see my way clear from the dust and I must walk alone.  Give me your strength to journey on by giving me faith to believe in you; and hope by knowing I will live long and have a prosperous life in the land I will enter and occupy.  Amen.

Your Loving Daughter ~Annette