Father Pours Gasoline on His Children’s Mom

Savannah Bailey
Photo from fox6now.com

My lord!  What the hell is wrong with people in this day and time!  The perpetrator in this crime wanted his victim to suffer.  His actions make it clear to see that he wanted her to experience pain beyond his own.  The problem with his thinking [and other’s having the same mindset] is no one wins.  There’s no victory for anyone in crime.

The laws of the Universe, laws of attraction, laws of the land and the laws of God always become front and center in all we do.  Yet, humankind seem to always try to make right wrongs with unthinkable acts of retributions.

The father leaving his two small children outside as he poured gas on their mom and set her on fire wasn’t an act of love towards them; because love doesn’t make you intentionally hurt the people you care about.  This father sounds like a total nut job!

He deserves everything the legal system will hand down to him.  I don’t care if a White person has done worse and have gotten a lighter sentence.  Whatever he gets will be just deserved.  Why?  Because you don’t pour gas on people and set them on fire!  Period.

I pray for Savannah’s Bailey’s recovery.  I pray for her small children.  I even pray for the foolish young man.  I pray for both families as this crime has touched all of their lives.

A GO FUND ME has been created to help Savannah and her children.


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