Photo from BBC News

It seems Nissan has been hit hard financially.  As a result, the financial strike has hurt the company’s bottom-line. Carlos Ghosn is the man responsible for this tremendous lost.  He’s on the run.  And, after fleeing house arrest under tight Japanese security one could say “he’s a smooth criminal.” 

He ran home to Lebanon.  Where he’s much loved despite his unlawful indiscretions. So chances of him being returned to Japan seems slim.   

How will his misconducts affect potential customers and customers of Nissan? We don’t know but let us Black folks spend our monies wisely; because, the lost will be absorb somewhere in Nissan’s cost for doing business.  Which usually means product prices will rise and stay the same even after monies are recoup. 

So! Pay attention to Nissan’s prices if you’re in the market for a new car.  Compare their prior year prices to their current year prices.  Also, compare prices of other car manufactures to Nissan’s current prices.  Remember, a car is a car.  It’s designed to get you from point to point.  With that said, do not pay the price for greedy Carlos’ actions.  Be a smart shopper!     

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