We Can Make a Difference

Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and Senators and Congressmen and Government officials but the voters of this country. FDR

Today, I noticed a new post [old post] from a friend and Facebook thinker. Everyday God sends she writes several controversial post. And everyday I say to myself “God! I wish I had that skill.” Well any-who-how, each post has something to do with humanity. Her topics stir the soul in such a way that her array of friends from all walks of life show compassion about this and that. And sitting on the sideline reading comments allows viewers to see others perspective concerning what matters to them and the circle they travel within. With that said, on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, she posted the below screen shot.

I 100% percent agree with the author of Latinos for Liberty. The author wrote everything I feel. I, too, haven’t watched one impeachment hearing.

I don’t care if Trump stays or goes. He’s no different than those that have come before him. All I can hope for is that he does something to help Black communities in ways that will send at least one message. We matter.

Thus far only one president and it really wasn’t the president, it was his wife that showed Black people they mattered. Now before I go on I’m not saying there weren’t others I just haven’t heard about them. However, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first woman of stature to be very vocal about racism and the impact it had on Black communities. She and her mother-in-law took an active role in ensuring Black people were treated equal. And! Her firm stand on equal rights for everyone made her a woman of great strength and a woman to be admired.

And, like Latinos, we Black folks need to get involved with local and state government. We need to learn the foundations of government entities. As we learn how to get those entities to work for us! We need to stop thinking and feeling we’re owed as individuals and as a race group. What happened to our ancestors was horrible but they survived and we’re living. We need to finish running their race because it’s our race that’s finishing last.


Photo from BBC News

It seems Nissan has been hit hard financially.  As a result, the financial strike has hurt the company’s bottom-line. Carlos Ghosn is the man responsible for this tremendous lost.  He’s on the run.  And, after fleeing house arrest under tight Japanese security one could say “he’s a smooth criminal.” 

He ran home to Lebanon.  Where he’s much loved despite his unlawful indiscretions. So chances of him being returned to Japan seems slim.   

How will his misconducts affect potential customers and customers of Nissan? We don’t know but let us Black folks spend our monies wisely; because, the lost will be absorb somewhere in Nissan’s cost for doing business.  Which usually means product prices will rise and stay the same even after monies are recoup. 

So! Pay attention to Nissan’s prices if you’re in the market for a new car.  Compare their prior year prices to their current year prices.  Also, compare prices of other car manufactures to Nissan’s current prices.  Remember, a car is a car.  It’s designed to get you from point to point.  With that said, do not pay the price for greedy Carlos’ actions.  Be a smart shopper!