A Healthy Mind Strive for Success

Most people don’t want to see you succeed, because it will remind them that they didn’t

As I reflect upon what took place last night I find myself giggling.  Oh!  I wasn’t laughing when it happened but I am now.  Which means I’ve moved on.  Man, I love when I can bounce back quickly and return to normal after being so upset.

Well this is what happened:

A few weeks ago I began to feel very uncomfortable about how I’v been keeping house.  I found a new hobby a few years back in couponing.  Months after couponing my hauls had taken over my life and temporarily my home.  To control clutter by how much I kept I would donate a large percentage of my items.  It was somewhere in all of my couponing my mom needed me.

Sadly, my oldest sister that stays with my mom struggle with mental health issues.  So life for them can be stressful when my sister is having bad moments.  To add to the stresses in my mom’s home are my sister’s adult children that have become freeloaders.

Well, my niece pays my mom rent.  Not sure how much but I do know it is less than $500 a month.

Can you believe my sister and her child got upset because my mom decided to charge rent?  That’s another story for another day.

Anywho . . . I began to help my mom and my sister by doing double Dutch entrances and exits.  Because my sister suffers from schizophrenia she has concluded I’m an enemy.  Worse, people that are jealous of me for whatever reasons confirm her wacky thoughts.   Their deceit are seeds of evil that will be repaid to them.  So I really try not to worry about their evil ways.  However, I’m in a war with battles happening nearly every day!

I kept couponing because it was the only thing that freed me from the stresses of my mom’s life.  Unbeknown to her and others my life intertwines with hers for more reasons than because she’s my mom.  At one point in my life my mom was my everything.  And to see her in her current state of affairs is heart wrenching.  So, like I wrote, couponing became an avenue for me to escape the madness but I forgot to manage my items; and, now I live in a house that has clutter that keeps me depress.

I no longer have hallways I have pathways.  I feel very overwhelmed.  And to make matters worse are the vultures that circle.  I’m so sick of hearing people ask for things.  I’m so sick of people trying to get new and expensive things for less than I paid.  Honestly, I’m sick of people at the moment.  And if I’m brutally honest, I’m really fed up of me!

Well, anywho, a friend told me about this group on Facebook.  She thought it would be a great place for me to earn cash and unloaded items; therefore, she added me to the group.

The first time I posted something for sale I was immediately told I could not use stock photos and to turn off the selling feature.

I got it!  Stock photos aren’t exactly what you’re selling and could deceive a buyer as to what they were truly getting.

Well, anywho, I began to take my own photos and cleaning the background.  The next thing I knew I got this humiliating response to a post from admin.

I was first shocked at the juvenile way she was handling things [blood still boiling]!  Maybe I haven’t completely moved on [laughter]!  But!  I’ll try and continue writing this post without getting upset.  Below is the dialogue that took place last night:

Admin:  “Anne (last name omitted) we need pictures of the actual items. . . NO MORE STOCK PHOTOS, this is in our rules.  Thank you! -admin”

Me:  “Tara this is not a stock photo.  I’m a professional seller and a photographer.  I know how to clean the background.  So how would you like for me to post my photos?”SBR Hot Sauce 12 FL OZ.jpg

Me:  “Here’s the actual photo before I clean the background.”IMG_0405[1].JPG

Admin:  “Anne ok as long as these are the items that you are actually selling.  We have had people that are complaining because it the past they have had to put the Actual photo when they are using stock photos.  I thought it was kind of odd that you had ‘actual’ amount each time but doing my admin duty.  Thank you for clarifying. ~admin”

Admin:  “perfect thanks.”

Me:  “every photo I’ve posted has been of the item(s) I’m selling and or sold.  As far as people complaining about my photos there’s nothing I can do about their mistrust issues.  Not everyone is out to scam someone of their hard earn dollars.  At least, I’m not.  It would have been nice if you had contacted me privately since you thought yelling at me would be the best way to get your point across about stock photos.  As you know caps signify yelling and I don’t know any man, woman and or child that enjoys being yelled at, especially in public.  And, as a 57 year old woman, I certainly don’t appreciate being treated like a child that hasn’t learn to respect rules.  I read your rules.  I do my best to follow your rules.  My friend also thought my photos were stock and spoke to me about them.  I assured her they were my photos as I’ve done with you.  So please don’t take my response personal, I’m just doing my job as the owner of my life and ensuring no one mistreats me, especially for trying to help other as I help myself. ~Annette”

End of dialogue

I wrote and shared all of the above to write this:  There are people that will be okay with average and complain about those that strive for perfection as they wallow in life miseries.  Don’t let that be you!  Always!  Always!  Strive for outstanding!  You and I deserve the best this life has to offer.


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