The Spirit of Determination: The Bob Coomber’s Story

Photo credit:  Ezra Shaw
Photo credit: Ezra Shaw

I don’t know about you but I hate that all my problems can’t be sucked into the black-hole of a nightmare and long forgotten by morning.

Honestly, this has been a difficult month.  And it difficult days that make me wish I was a child again.  I would love to travel back in time and have a heart to heart chat with the girl I once was.  I would love to teach her about making good and bad choices.  I would love to show her that life is not always as it seems.  Good for others and bad for most, because as I see things . . . everyone has days that make them question life.  But the story about an incredible man name Bob Coomber really can change a defeatist mindset.

What makes Bob and his story so inspirational is his determination to become the “first wheel chair hiker to cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range.”  And please believe me when I write, “it’s not because he is in a wheelchair and want to hike cross a mountain that I find him motivating.”  It’s his determination to trail blaze.  It’s his attitude!  It’s his beautiful mind that inspires him that makes him so frickin awesome!

In an article he writes, “I woke in a tent on September 17, 2014, anxious to begin what was to have been an epic journey. Though I’ve established quite a few “first summits” for someone in a wheelchair, a 22-mile one-way crossing of the Sierra Nevada mountain range via Kearsarge Pass—at nearly 12,000 feet—might seem an overwhelming challenge.”

Not everyone will have the mental fortitude to become a pioneer such as Bob.  And you rarely see a person with or without limited abilities try something so daring as hiking a mountain without aid; but like I wrote, “It is attitude and having a beautiful mind that inspires” people to face their challenges.  However, Bob didn’t totally meet his goal this time, but he arrived at a point of self-satisfaction by realizing he has the ability to try again.  And because of Bob’s positive outlook on life and life challenges I realize I can overcome the following:

  • mold in the guest bathroom
  • unkempt lawn
  • overwhelming housework
  • ungrateful family members
  • the feeling of failure
  • and an ungrateful house guest!

I learned from Bob Coomber that no one is really a failure if they give their best!


Vocabulary Mondays: self-assurance

Artist:  Artis Harrison
Artist: Artis Harrison

Word:  self-assurance¹

Part of Speech:


  1. self-confidence.²

Word Usage:

As she sat in the chair for her interview she displayed self-assurance.