Should We Legalize Mercy Killings?

Love What Is It GrayUntil today I have never heard of dignity dying.

As I sat in silence watching the below video of a mother discussing how she put a pillow over her dying son’s face, I wonder about her choice. Upon later reflection, I asked myself could I aid or not aid one of my children in suicide.  Especially, since, at this point I’m not face with such a difficult situation.  And even if I tried to put myself in such an awful place I will always have the same answer.

One would think my strong faith in God and my belief “thou shalt not kill” take precedence over a person’s dying wish such as taking a life.  But I honestly believe I’m wired to respect life.  And God’s instructions just solidifies what I believe naturally.  But, I do, with a humanitarian frame of mind understand why this mother helped her son do the task of suicide.

Please understand, I’m certainly not in a position to say she was wrong.  She was a mother.  She was faced with a dilemma.  And she acted in thoughts of kindness by ending the suffrage of her son [period].

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