Photographer:  Maisie Crow
Photographer: Maisie Crow

This article about Doctor Willie Parker’s abortion ministry is a great article.  But I don’t agree with abortions for personal reasons.  Also I don’t believe I have the right to tell another woman what to do with her body.  And the woman with the unwanted fetus doesn’t have the right to tell me, a tax payer, I need to pay for her choice to end a life.  However, I can accept a woman’s decision in wanting to end a pregnancy when conception took place during rape; but, again, I don’t agree with ending a life.

I think this article should show society that youth are not properly prepared for the realities of life.  I think parents are setting their children up when they improperly educate them about life and life choices.  And as a result young women are put in positions to choose between life and death.

Life or death!  Hums . . . remember life comes in many forms and so does death.

May God watch over Dr. Willie Parker by giving him what is needed to help these confused young women.  And may these young women learn a deeply rooted moral conviction from their self-preservation act.