Why Doesn’t Anyone Return the Kindness of A Smile?

Photographer:  Unknown
Photographer: Unknown




Respect every smile, you never know, it may have managed to make its way through a million tears.  ~Ritu Ghatourey

A couple of days ago I had to quickly run to the grocery store for some packing tape.  I didn’t look like a million dollars but I did have my million dollar smile with me.  It stood ready to present itself to whoever walked in my path.  Yet, once I stepped into the real world I was greeted with scowls and frowns and suddenly my smile quickly began to fade.

Inward chatter:  Jeez!  What’s wrong with the people today!  

A feeling of gloominess swept over me when I looked in their direction.  Sadly, they turned their focus to the floor or their stares went blank as if they had the ability to look through me.  It seems as if the people who had crossed my path the other day didn’t get up on the right-side of the bed.  And guess what?!!!  I refused to let any of them give me a bad day.  Instead, I gave myself positive self-talk and said, “Next!”  Meaning I’m ready for my next life experience.  

Looking back:  

When I was growing up the actions of others made me feel I was in charge of making sure everyone was happy.  If members of my family were having bad days I was the source of their unhappiness.  If friends were socially irritated it was my fault they were having a bad day.

Needless to say, I spent the better part of my youth being a people pleasure.  And sadly that nasty habit followed me into adulthood.

Ritu Ghatourey’s quote is so befitting for my life.  I have walked many days, sat many days, worked most days, arose out of bed every day, prayed every day, lamenting over my stolen life during childhood.

I wonder do people even know how to accept a kind gesture as a smile; because, if I compare what happened to me yesterday, I would be hard-pressed to write, “Yes.”

Down through the years I have learned, whether I act like I have acquired knowledge or not, people will give you bad days because it’s storming in their life.  To their misfortune, they haven’t learned, nor do they want to learn, the art of dancing in the rain.

My smile was free.  And it was a genuine greeting that symbolically gestured peace be with them.  It did not deserve, nor did I, the frowns and scowls in return for a random act of kindness.

So as I see things concerning why some people can’t return smiles is as follows:  A small pocket of people don’t want kindness.  Their little speck of life [stressing little] has become so consumed with bitterness that they don’t know how to project nor accept friendly gestures from others.  I feel those types of people are worse than toxic.  Too me they are laden with acid!  And it’s those types of people I try to keep at a distance because they eat at your soul until nothing is left.

Well, my hour for writing is up.  I must go and pull grass and weeds from my flower beds.  Peace be with you all!

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