Being Alone is Evolutionary

This is an interesting take on being alone. Hum . . .

Mr J

I wonder if the natural evolution of humankind is to be alone.   Since the hunter gatherer times, one of the major goals has always been to enhance our safety and security.  In these primitive eras, it wasn’t possible to feel safe and secure without being in a large tribe of other humans.  It seems that it is built into us to not want to be alone for reasons of safety, security and even happiness.  In order to perpetuate the species you couldn’t do it alone either.

So it must not be nature’s intention for us to be alone?  I strongly believed this until recently.  When I say recently, I mean yesterday.  We’re more alone and disconnected than in any other time because of our progression towards ultimate safety, security and technology.  We no longer need anyone in our regular lives to survive.  In hunter gatherer times I don’t think…

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