Woman’s funeral a ‘last party’ complete with beer and menthol cigarettes

I am so hooked on Facebook because of the news people post.  LOL’s.

Today a friend posted this article.  His comment was “So Ghetto and classless!”  So me being me, I decided to bite and see what was happening with the woman made of wax.

Before I thought the women was a wax figure I sat for a moment staring at the photo.  All sorts of questions were running through my mind.  One of my questions was “is this woman waxed, real, or dead?”  Laughter!  I know, right!

In efforts to figure out what was really happening in the photo I clicked on the photo!  Whoa!  Wow!  Wait a minute!  My click took me to this blog post where I got the full story.  As I was reading the post I began to laugh.  As a matter of fact I couldn’t stop laughing!  Let’s just say this story will set the pace for a fun-filled weekend.  Happy reading!  Cause this is a great story!

Inspirational Fridays: You Raise Me Up

A couple of days ago someone new visited my blog.  Therefore, I thought it would be nice to  stop by their blog.

As I slowly scrolled down their posts feed I noticed a video that intrigued me.  I, being me watched it!  Afterwards, I thought it was one of the most powerful music videos I have seen in a long, very long, time.  Therefore, I am sharing it with each of you.  I hope you find it inspirational.

I dedicate this post to my dear friend Diana Woolfolk Wright McKnight.  My heart and prayers are with you doing this difficult time of your life.