Christians, fairies, tranvestites, and more…REALLY???

Today I thought I would stop by and visit a blogger friend. As usual he has penned another thought-provoking message.  But what made me sit back and think upon his words was him writing about his friends confession.  I guess his friend told the people in his Christian circle that he is bi-sexual.

For many of you that know me and are friends with me on FB, you know I struggle with men being bi-sexual.  I really do struggle with that particular subject.  And I know people won’t understand how I feel about the issue; because I don’t understand how men can be bi-sexual.  I just feel men are either gay or straight.  Your thoughts?

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ I was hanging out at a record store over the weekend looking for some old school Bob Marley (with Summer right around the corner here in the Midwest, Bob Marley and the Beach Boys go hand in hand in my mind as the perfect Summer music) when I realized the person standing next to me in the store was an old acquaintance of mine from many years ago.

Dude, how are you!” he asked as he broke out into laughter, “Kenneth, I’ve only just gotten off of the Greyhound Bus no less than 10 minutes ago and wandered into this record store….and you’re the first person I run into!

So how have you been?” I asked

Better than ever! I’m living on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, in a commune with a bunch of…

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