Betrayal: CU Style

See Jane Write...

I am at heart a curmudgeon.

I know this, and you know this, but reading Facebook this morning reminded me of it in a whole new way. The Christian liberal arts college I attended—now twelve or thirteen years ago—just announced they were killing their entire theatre program, and the visceral screams of all my theatre college friends are still echoing through my feed.

And it IS terrible, ridiculous, sad, and frustrating.

Art brings beauty and understanding to life in a way nothing else can, and if you aren’t giving your students places to foster, articulate, explore, and grow as entire PEOPLE, then the claim to education starts to get pretty sketchy.

But that wasn’t actually my first thought.

My first thought was one of those simple impulses that, often unfortunately, tell you so much about yourself. My thought was just:

What did you expect?

My college friends are bright, creative…

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