You’ve all got me thinking…..Really!!!

I was very honored that this veteran blogger mentioned me in his post today! I thought I would share his thoughts concerning my views on a post he wrote yesterday. Enjoy!

Culture Monk

youve got me thinking

by Kenneth Justice

~Have you ever started out on a trip and found yourself somewhere entirely unexpected? Much of my life has turned out this way; I think I am headed in a particular direction but often find myself somewhere I didn’t plan on.

Sometimes this is good; like if you head to the grocery store to buy food for dinner but suddenly find yourself eating a meal at a cafe in Paris

Sometimes this is bad; like if you left your wife and children back home in Great Britain and find yourself eating at that cafe in Paris….while the wife and children are still waiting for you to bring dinner home!

Yesterday’s blog post turned out that way;

I’m closing in on a year of being away from the rehab clinic and yesterday I thought I’d share a story about one of my clients….but then as I started reading…

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The Prayers of Black Women: A Kiss from Heaven

The Prayers of Black Women: A Kiss from Heaven.