Frantic for Love Can Cost You More Than You Want To Pay

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artist unknown

Lord, have mercy!  I have never read so many single people pleading for companionship.  Their relationship demands come across as being desperate.  To express being frantic for love is the worse thing a single person can display.

Trust me!  People that are hard-up for mates will attract everything but a kind, fun-loving, self-sufficient, selflessness, trust-worthy, hard-working, reliable, intelligent, people to date and marry.  Furthermore, they convince themselves they can change these people who have unsavory characters and marry them despite of the red light.  Later, finding themselves in divorce court or worse, dead!

What sparked this blog message was a posting from an interracial Facebook page I follow.  Everyday without fail the creators of this page is assuring followers they are working on a dating website.  And everyday without fail people respond with impetuous comments.  Well today the administration posted the below:

(Inquir’s name removed by blogger) wrote:
Sugardaddy in search of busty woman to spoil.

(Facebook page name removed by blogger) responded:
Wrong page sir, this is NOT the type of page. FB has several that you can turn too, but (Facebook page name removed by blogger) is not that kind of community. For heaven´s sake look on the content of a page before putting your intentions out there like that.

^^ This is exactly why we decided to create an online dating community. After hearing horror stories and seeing for ourselves the disrespectful and lewd pictures supposedly representing interracial love on other FB pages and online dating sites, we decided to do something about it. It´s not freaky, it´s not taboo or overly exotic. It´s persons who are attracted to other persons of different ethnicities and cultures. If you are looking to “buy” affections, experience something exciting just to brag about it, get a greencard or live in a first world country then please do not sign up for our dating community. We are spending a huge amount of time building a platform that will hopefully produce lasting and loving relationships. If you want to lasting RESPECTFUL unions then you are in the right place, for anything else FB has several other pages like for that and several other dating sites online, are all just about that.

Hilarious!  I can’t stop laughing long enough to breathe.  Simply!  Funny!  Woo!  Doggy!

Normally I make comments on this page but this time I kept my opinion to myself.  I didn’t want to offend the admin of the page nor their followers.  So, as usual, I am blogging about how I view the situation.

Okay.  I don’t think the person that submitted his request was wrong.  He was very honest about his wish on what he was looking for in a mate.  He informed the reader that he was older and had money to spend on a woman.  I felt his information “cut to the chase” and could be viewed as an older man ready for romance; but it is clear to see the administration of the page had their minds in the gutter.  As a result, they prematurely and publicly blast a man for contacting their page with his information and wish.  Their response was arrogant, unkind, unprofessional and immature.  In addition, their reference to him acquiring a green-card and live “in a first world country” was offensive to those that live in such places.

When they wrote, “If you are looking to ‘buy’ affections, experience something exciting just to brag about it, get a greencard or live in a first world country then please do not sign up for our dating community.”  Really.  To me, their statement implies women from first world countries are loose.  And it is clear the admin of this page does not know what countries are considered first world.

Instead of flexing tender muscles that make them look ignorant, perhaps the admin of this page should have researched their information used to scolded a potential customer or remained silent on the matter.  Because it is the desperate pleas from many of their followers that opened the doorway for such a request.

And as for them creating a safe dating site . . . can you say . . . naïve in a big way!  There is nothing safe about finding love on the internet.  Ugh!  Oh, well I will leave the subject of internet dating alone for now.

Have a great Monday all!


2 thoughts on “Frantic for Love Can Cost You More Than You Want To Pay

  1. What’s to misunderstand about saying “Busty woman”. That’s sexual. They don’t fill sexual requests. While the green card stuff is out of place, they had every reason to respond they way they did. A LOT of relationships start on the internet, despite how dangerous it can be.
    They want to foster a non-erotic site.
    Why is that so hard to understand?
    I bet they get tired of guys and gals asking them for bodies to play around with, NOT partners.
    That’s what that man did.

    1. From the tone of your response I’m taking you follow the page I’m referring too.

      I never stated it was hard for me to understand their professional desire to create a safe dating site. My issue is with the lack of professionalism when it came to the admin answering a private request.

      Every day in the world of business a professional must respond to situations in a professional, legal, manner. Meaning: When a professional is faced with individuals that do not behave according to social norms they do not bend to level of the persons that is doing the offense. It was in poor and very bad taste that the admin of this page posted on an international website the full name of the person that made the offense; which could possibly get this up and coming dating-site in legal troubles depending on the country in which the person that had his name revealed lives.

      Insight: If the admin of this page is getting tired of men and women asking questions concerning anything, perhaps the page should be closed. But, I do understand your sympathy and loyalty for the admin because I also like the page. I, just, didn’t like how a perceivable seedy question was publicly handled.

      Newsflash! Only people that are celibate and have vowed to remain single are looking for non-sexual relationships. With that stated, I would like to help you seriously think about your statement “They don’t fill sexual requests.” Sadly, every dating site is selling sex. And the page we are discussing said they are “exotic” but not “overly” exotic. Whatever that means! Laughter!

      When a person chooses to date or go to a dating site they are looking for companionship. When people look for companionship they are looking for the following qualities: something in common, things that are physically attractive to them, and sometimes someone that is responsible. Bottom line, if you are looking to date somebody you are looking for sex in the package deal of being in a relationship.

      When I read the older guys request for a ‘busty woman’ I felt he was no different than the women that are asking for black or white men to date, and vice versa when it comes to men looking for black or white women to date. He didn’t care if they were black or white! He, just, wanted someone with big breast that wanted to be taken care of and “spoiled.” But what he got was far worse than what he privately requested.

      The admin of this page made a public spectacle of him to make a point. I felt the point the admin ventured to make held no meaning after their callus choice to publicly ridicule a fellow human being for sending them a private relationship request.

      So I have a series of questions to ask you. Why is it hard for you to understand that all dating sites are selling sex? Why do you feel it is okay to publicly embarrass someone for a private inquiry? Why do you feel this man’s private request gave the admin of the FB page the rights to publicly emasculate him? Especially since the page promotes interracial dating that implies fulfilling ‘exotic’ dating and marital sexual desires!

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