The Prayers of Black Women: “Yield Not To Temptation”

Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown

“Just ask the Savior to help you, to comfort, strengthen and keep you. He is willing to aid you, and He will carry you through.”

Are you having a hard time with life these days?  Do you feel like you are traveling your journey alone?  If you answered “Yes” to both questions then the response is ‘Just ask the Savior to help you.’

Every life has ups and downs.  Realize you are just having a down moment.  And understand downtime is base upon a person’s ability or inability to find solutions to change the course of their lives.  But one thing is for sure and note worthy:  When a person has lost hope they are easily tempted, and normally the temptation in hopeless moments takes a person further from the life desired.

Prayer for today:  Lord help those that are having a hard time with life.  Show them your grace is more than enough during this moment of hopelessness.  Lord, prayer is being offered for those that don’t have the spirit to continue on.  Life has beaten them.  So they think and feel.  But, Lord, please make note that a request in being made on their behalf that you give them peace that surpasses all humankind understanding.  Fill in the gaps of their self-proclaimed empty lives with love, peace and most of all understanding.  Help them to see Lord that everyone is tempted in believing they are not the “Bell of the ball.”  Show them Lord how to roll on their backs so they can see the beauty of the blue sky, and show them Lord if they can look up they can get up.  And if they can get up they can enter into the party of life once again and realize they only had a bad dance partner.  Teach them Lord that sometimes in life we must learn how to first dance alone even on a crowed dance floor with couples.

Your Loving Daughter,