One of The Reasons I Love Living


Just because somebody doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they got” ~ Author Unknown

I don’t normally post photos of my loved ones.  I usually keep them private for safety reasons.  But, since, I am blogging about being a proud woman of color I thought it would be great if I allow others to see my IMG_7069IMG_7031 - Copygrand-daughter that I am so deliciously proud of.  She is one of the reasons why I love living!  And why I love being a Black woman!  She represents everything I once was and everything I had hope to aspire.  The failures of those that had the power to help create in me the things I desired as a human has encouraged me to be a better grand-parent and mentor.  I am her inspiration!  And she is mine!

She believes in me.  She encourages me when I feel less than.  And most of all she loves me unconditionally.

The above two photos are of her now.  The below two photos is when she first came to live with us.  She was hurt.  Angry at me and wanted to return home.  But we made it through.  She is a bundle of love and joy.  She is ever amazed at my abilities and always gives thumbs up when she thinks I have done something over the top.    You should hear our conversations.  Our relationship is love in action.  And she will be dearly missed when she returns to her mom.  Daily I give her instructions of acquiring a successful life.  I tell her don’t stop till you get there and don’t depend on a man or others to give you nothing but love.  And if those in your life can’t love you . . . keep stepping and love yourself.

4 thoughts on “One of The Reasons I Love Living

    1. Christina, you are also beautiful! And thank you for the kind words. I hope I continue to be an inspiration in my grand-daughter’s life. She means the world to me.

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