Don’t Be Upset with Black Men That Are Delusional

It is God’s will that your honorable lives should silence those ignorant people who make foolish accusations against you.        1 Peter 2:15

Last week I opened a post listed on my Facebook feed.  Since the title was intriguing I got hooked.  I wanted to hear the message to Black men.  I thought from the title it would be inspirational, character building and race supportive.  It was nowhere near positive male and race affirmation.  The message was a tongue lashing from a man who has pent-up aggression over his childhood and Black women were the cause of his misery.  Laughter!  Oh my! was my first response.  I could not believe he was ignorantly babblative and proud of it.  Wait, get this, worse yet, I can’t believe I watch the YouTube video and afterwards watched another of his demeaning video’s about Black women.  I don’t know if I was in shock, horribly amazed or rightly shamed as a woman of color.  Below are some points he tried to make about Black women in American:

  1. Black women do not use correct grammar
  2. Black women are not good candidates for dating, marriage and motherhood
  3. Black women are so destructive

Laughter!  Really!  Now!  The above bullet points are just a few he mentioned.  Am I wordless at this point?  Yes and no.   Mainly because I have never heard a man of color speaks so badly and boldly about women of color privately or publicly.  However in later blog posts I will discuss his points [stressing points] of views about Black women.  I’m not upset at the young Black man.  It is clear to see he is confused about the “facts of life.”  Frederick Douglas once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

He is a person with a lot of pain.  His video messages displayed and display a broken man.  He kept talking about his mother and her inability to affirm him as a person and as her child.  He also spoke about how his mother said he was like or looked like his “ugly ass daddy.”  Yes, he went there.  Laughter.  He even went on to discuss how Black girls told him that he was too black to date.  Really.  Are you serious [chuckle].  I could not believe he went there . . . but he did!  He really needs a reality check, because countless pre-teens, teens, young adults and adults alike experience relationship rejection by the opposite sex from their race.  But they don’t go postal and begin video blogs about the negative side of possible counterparts.  Honestly healthy people say “better luck next time” when they don’t score with the opposite sex or same-sex.  So, again, really!  He truly needs to grow up.  To me his childhood disappointments have become delusional pain that hinders him from accepting the “facts of life” and preventing him from becoming a man.  People like him scare me.

No self-respecting man or Black man would publicly or privately bash possible counterpart of his race or any other race for that matter and feel proud.  So like I said this young Black man is very confused and he needs to accept the “facts of life.”  What are the “facts of life?”  Well in his case I have listed a few below:

  • Every child wants the perfect family; meaning mommy and daddy living in the same house in marrital bliss. (And when I write every child I include all generations.)
  • Every child would like to have a cookie cutter mom, where she’s never raised her voice, she never gets angry; she allows you to jump on furniture blind folded and later kisses your boo-boo because you fell off your make-pretend mountain.
  • Every child would like to have a father with a strong protective and providing image where you know as long as dad is around you will be safe and you will have a roof over your head and a Harvest of Plenty.
  • Every child would love to have wise parents to guide them along life journeys.
  • Everyone wants acceptance from the opposite sex or same-sex in a naïve way.
  • No child born grows up wanting to parent poorly, but life circumstances change perceptions and reactions to life choices.

Only a fool will bask in their foolishness when diminishing the image of another human.  I found this young man’s words poison to the soul.  I don’t want his poison to spread and kill the hope and dreams of Black intimacy, because we were born to procreate within our race.  Now. Now.  I’m not saying intimacy can’t cross color lines, I’m just saying his words were racial genocide; and he is too foolish to realize it.  Furthermore, after he spoke poorly of his mother, it confirmed he has a problem with being a Black man.  As he strongly bashed and blamed Black women for this or that I’m afraid his weak-minded followers failed to hear the undercurrents of race hate.  Simply putting it, he don’t like himself as a Black man; therefore, he doesn’t want other Black men that are searching for purpose to like themselves either.

Like I expressed he babbled too much thus losing his argumentative points and the focal attention of his audience.  Well he lost the attention of those that are wise enough to see he exploits his race for notoriety and possible YouTube fame.  For a wise Native American named Iroquois Maxim once said, “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

As I pointed out earlier I have privately and publicly heard Black men speak ill of Black women but never to this degree.  So as an American Black woman I am taking a stance.  I won’t give his YouTube video any traffic.  I won’t go on his turf and bash him as he has verbosely bashed American Black Women.  But I will discuss his self-hatred viewpoints with sound arguments.  Until next time, stay encouraged while remembering Black women have it going on despite Black men that are delusional.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Upset with Black Men That Are Delusional

  1. These men you speak of were raised by you strong bw. They reason &think like strong bw. And now they are running away from you strong bw. You they were destroyed in childhood by these I dont need a man bw. The chickens have now come home to roost. Your embrace of ww’s feminism welfare state , caused you women to think that you can do it all by yourselves. WHEN YOU DESTROY MEN OF A CULTURE YOU DESTROY THE PEOPLE, OUR ENEMY KNOW THIS, BUT YOU STRONG BW DIDNT. N COOL

  2. Well written and thought out AH…thank you for stopping by my cyber space and keeping an ‘eye on me’ as I now will on you.! Kudos to your spirit! 🙂

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