How Many People Know About the Public Safety Exception Rule?

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Well, I know I didn’t know about such a rule.  To be honest, until lately, I felt I was too busy to worry about public safety, especially since I don’t gather among the masses.  I’m sure I’m not alone!  However, my concern is how many Black people know of this rule?  Probably not many!  Laughter!

Personally, I feel Black people know little about the laws of their state, country, local and national government.  Most often Black people legal knowledge is acquired after the fact.  Sadly the information comes too late to help them keep their rights as citizens and freedoms paid for by the blood of others.  Once they returned to the mainstream of society after incarceration they cannot apply for benefits that aid in personal advancements; and out of frustration they return to a life of crime.

Has anyone every looked into the statistics for Black people incarcerated?  I have.  The numbers for Black men and women locked behind bars is shocking!  I feel a high percentage of Black men being incarcerated is one of the reasons why 70% of American Black women are single! 

Black women we must do something about keeping our men and women from lives of petty and grand crimes!

Do you realize many Black inmates could have been successful people?  These people could be individuals that give to society instead of taking from society if they were taught the laws of this country.  Yet, they are serving time because of ignorance.  Do not buy a wooden nickel my Black brothers and sisters!  Ignorance is foolish and can destroy a life before a person discovers what living is truly about.  This is why I’m posting information on current legal topics.

Staying updated with current events help a person to grow mentally.  Such updates help people become socially aware of what is taking place in the town or city, state and country they live in.

To be honest, I didn’t know about Miranda rights and how Miranda’s rights came into play, until the Boston Marathon bombing.  It was that tragedy that sparked my quest to learn about Miranda rights and the “public safety exception.”

I can’t speak for Black people as a whole, however, I can say from glancing over statistics Black people have a ways to go when learning about the laws of this country and their Constitutional rights.

I’m sure this topic is boring to most but to a person that is interested in protecting their freedom it is knowledge.  And don’t ever forget knowledge is POWER.

It is important that people learn of the ‘public safety exception.’  It appears our lawmakers are making continual changes to this rule.  The changes that are being made have nothing to do with Homeland Security and or terrorist threats.  Other words, the changes could become a ticking bomb to American society and those that find themselves breaking the laws of our nation, thus, forcing those that enforce the laws to waver in their decision if a crime has a political motive.  And in turn they must know what the motive is before they can invoke the rule; because of the procedure this rule can be applied to gang members and etc.  Once this rule is applied and a weapon or harmful materials are found the information gathered can be used in the court of law.  But the ‘public safety exception’ rule can only be applied if law-enforcement feels the suspect has information on the whereabouts of an item or items that can be harmful to the public.  After public safety has been secured then the suspect will be given Miranda’s warnings/rights.

It was hard for me to pare down the legal jargon about this particular rule because it is ever-changing.  And those changes will impact our knuckle-headed, don’t want to listen to the voice of reason, young Black men and women that are not ready to enter into society as productive citizens.  So as Black women let us do our part to make sure the numbers of Black men and women incarcerated decreases as we teach them the laws that govern this country.