Why Most Black Women Can’t Hold Their Peace

You bid me hold my peace and dry my fruitless tears, forgetting that I bear a pain beyond my years. ~Paul Laurence Dunbar
You bid me hold my peace and dry my fruitless tears, forgetting that I bear a pain beyond my years. ~Paul Laurence Dunbar

Without a choice Black women carry the burdens of yesteryear.  Barely exiting the womb life roles are given to them without tryout.  Worse, yet, society expects Black women to succeed in those demeaning and demanding meager roles.  Should a Black woman interjects the station forced upon her by those who fear her exotic appearance she is combative.  And should she raise her voice to the unjust she is loud.  But nothing is more damaging to a woman of color than Black on Black turmoil.

Each day Black women face issues from an era that should be long forgotten based upon the period we now live.  It is sad to acknowledge but women of color as a group still embrace the slavery way of thinking.  Could it be Willie Lynch succeeded when he taught callous business owners to create a hostile working environment among their slaves?  Words are not being minced; but as modern-day women of color the action to sew together the fabric of fellowship that was torn long before our time has become our biggest failure.

As people Black women are recognizable forces.  In a group setting Black women will tear each apart leaving nothing standing not even their fragile souls.  So again, I write the following question “Could it be Willie Lynch succeeded when he taught callous business owners to create a hostile working environment among their slaves?”  And please don’t be fooled in believing only whites owned slaves because slaves were also owned by Blacks.  Sad to write but Blacks have exploited Blacks for centuries so the news of Black slave owners should not come as a surprise.

As a woman of color I find it sorrowful that Black women, and most of all American Black Women, have not evolved as a gender group; as a result, the slave mentality continues crippling women that were born to succeed as people, a group and part of a race.  It is clear to see and understand the lamenting over our ancestral history keeps us trapped in time.

What happened to Black women during slavery was wrong.  What is happening to Black women today is wrong.  We are not animals.  We are very human.   Listen my black sisters, I want you to understand with each cheapening action directed towards women that have withstood the test of time is a penalize for being zealous despite of.  The words spoken against us as a group is salted with bitter jealousy because we are strong and beautiful as the skin God purposely gave us.  Only ignorance penalizes for things beyond a humans control.  Somehow we as a female group need to move forward and stop toting the burdens of yesteryear.  And, yes, it is those burdens that thrust Black women into settings/situations where they can’t hold their peace!

Black women we have a right to allow our voices heard.  We have a right to equality.  We have a right to dream and dream big.  We have a right to pursue those dreams.  We have a right to say no!  And if our “no” is undoubtedly not heard then we need to get loud, stand-up and be account for!

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